Count Marco Emporium Opens USA Branch

I am delighted to announce that I have managed to open a US Branch of Count Marco’s Emporium. So that means that our American friends can now follow Count Marco’s personally recommended and endorsed Books, Cards and Gifts. I will be doing some reviews specific to our US audience.

Oranum worth Checking Out.

Naturally I do not expect everyone to have a reading with Count Marco! Especially if you know me privately and personally, so I have been spending sometime checking out other Psychic Services and have found that Oranum certainly seem to be getting some incredible feedback. They do Live readings so you can actually see who […]

Count Marco App V1.0

I am delighted to confirm that the Brand New Count Marco App V1.0 has now been launched and is ready for download immediately! This will keep you in constant contact with Count Marco and feature any offers that are available. Today’s offer is 50% off any personal reading! All you need to do is submit […]