The Weird and Strange “Unfavorable Semicircle”

semiI wanted to discuss and bring attention to the very weird, strange but equally fascinating video clips from Unfavorable Semicircle.

On March 30, 2015, username “unfavorable semicircle” uploaded a four-second video onto YouTube that stirred up a lot of mystery online and garnered a lot of attention. The video was a short clip with no audio and only static brown spots with a blurry hole. 72,000 similar short and eerie videos have been uploaded ever since. All of these videos are often silent with some containing faint mysterious clues including abstract images, distorted voices, and unusual sounds.

The channel gained popularity after one of its videos was posted on Reddit. But the channel has been terminated by YouTube as of February 25, 2016. Unfavorable Semicircle has also popped up on Twitter where thousands of similar videos were uploaded.

By March the channel has surpassed 200,000 total videos, uploading almost three videos each minute. Each video has a mysterious voice encoded in the background. This voice is that of a man speaking either a single letter or number with no connection in between the videos. The voice has a disquieting effect on the videos and adds to this weird YouTube curiosity.

Most of these videos are only 5 seconds long but some of them are different. One is a 10-second high pitched squeal and another contains blurry images along with random digital audio. Another unsettling video is 11 hours of silence. Many followers are trying to get to the bottom of this online mystery by trying to decrypt the videos using a Key. One video was compared to a distinct, echoed scream.Cartomancyad1

There have been many theories as to the origin of these videos. Some believe it is a game used to recruit agents for a supercomputer trying to take over the world, whereas others claim the channel is just a test for either YouTube or another user or an online numbers station. Many Reddit users urge Unfavorable Semicircle followers to demand an answer from YouTube but they fear that the channel will be shut down and that the mystery will live on.

A few views also discuss how these videos cause fear and anxiety while watching them adding to the list of conspiracy theories but this time that infra-sound or sound lower than 20 Hz can induce a sense of fear or even depression and affect the subconscious of people. Whatever the story is behind this strange and even disturbing videos, one this is for sure that watching these videos will make you turn around to make sure a croaking long haired girl isn’t standing behind you ready to drag you away.

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Beautiful Magical Website Literally Floats out of the Screen!

With so many new Psychic websites coming on line every day, week and month, it takes something really outstanding for it to literally stand out or in this case appear to float out of the screen. It engaged me and grabbed my attention instantly and I had to bookmark it for future exploration. So tonight inspired as it has made me, I decided I just had to review the site and write an article on it.

This new site is entitled Metamorphosis Services – with the tag line for us to Cast Something Beautiful. The site is certainly no hard sell website. Its most attractive in its design; quite lush and easy to read and digest. I found it very soft and pleasing on the eye and the content was thought provoking, without what I was waiting for – the “hard sell” There is no hard sell.

It’s Creator and writer is called Lisa Boswell and she actually engaged me straight away by explaining how the website was created for owners of Spiritual and Psychic businesses.

Lisa speaks of her own struggles working hard as a psychic. Lisa outlines many of the issues and problems that professional psychics suffer from. She describes in detail the difficulties of her own journey. It seemed very authentic and true. Something she tells us had to give; something it seemed had to change. Thus to cut a long story short it seems that Metamorphosis was born. Again its not my job to give the detail in this article – I just recommend that you visit the website; but to say if you take the ten minutes to read some of her words and her story on her main page and I am sure that you will find them as inspiring as I did.

I would also like to comment on the simple but quite beautiful design. In this word of high tech and complicated websites, Interesting content with such great level of simple design – I think she has got it absolutely spot on! Its a smooth, attractive, on line magazine, even the choice of Font really works – I am really excited to see how this is going to develop and grow. I also intend to take her up on her offer to help me “Start my Journey” I promise that I will report back later on how I get on.

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Buy and Bank Your Minutes

fboffercm2Many of my clients prefer to buy their minutes in bulk and then bank them to use as they need them. This allows them the freedom and liberty to quickly call upon my services without the need of having to send payment through. Clients that buy and bank also receive support as necessary via email or facebook as they prefer; this can be just a few lines to a question and does not come off their actual balance of minutes. To make your purchase today and get your minutes banked click here. If you wish to purchase via bank wire transfer or pay in another currency than GBP send me an email via the Contact Page and I will send you the necessary details direct.

Once you have your minutes purchased I am happy to give guidance on a whole range of subjects; money, career, business, love and relationships, breakups, grief and loss. Let me guide you today.


My Work as a Psychic Reader

ccards2I have decided in this article to give more clarity as to what I actually do as a Psychic Reader. My work is varied, very interesting and most rewarding. My work as a Psychic started over 25 years ago, reading for friends and family. We often enjoyed getting together and inviting a guest psychic into our home or sometimes we would just sit talking until the early hours on all things spiritual.

Psychic Reader Count Marco

In the last ten years I decided I needed to embrace what I felt was my true calling and embrace all it could offer me and allow me the opportunity to carry out Service for others. So I started in the early years reading through one small company and as my confidence, skill and knowledge grew I then launched this small blog.This was an outlet for me to write articles and have a presence on the internet. Individuals started to make contact with me and I made arrangements for me to be able to do readings on the phone, in person or via Skype. Many of these people have stayed with me over the years and continue to read with me on a regular basis. My customers are based throughout the world; United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. I also offer my services on a one on one personal basis, or house gathering in the Malton and York area, in the UK.

In the main when I do readings they are usually connected to Love and relationships, money and career issues. I also can look at life paths and I seem to be quite accurate with timelines, this has been aided by my deep study of Horology. All my work primarily is governed by my ability to read via the Power of Playing Cards – Cartomancy. I do bring in Tarot when I feel a reading could be given even more shade and light, or when I am simply guided to do so.

As a Master of Cartomancy I have created my own Playing Cards; Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy, which are sold via its own website which is called Cartomancy Cards.

I also run other psychic websites and blogs and help run another main psychic website that offers the services of other experienced psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. I am also a featured reader on a number of international psychic and spiritual websites.

Feel free to reach out to me via the Contacts Page if you feel that I can offer you Service. I am available for phone, Skype or one on one readings and also house parties in the Yorkshire area

Here is a sample of a few of my testimonials.














Meditation Techniques 101

© Chakra Nebula by Anaxsys Deviant Art
© Chakra Nebula by Anaxsys (Deviant Art)

Meditation Techniques 101 – To Harvest the Best from Life

Our modern day world is literally an attack on our senses. With so much to hear, see, smell, touch and taste, and with the break-neck pace of our routines, we often are so lost in ourselves that we forget our existence. Yes, it is a contradiction, but a fact nonetheless. The immense potential that our minds are capable of is weaned away by the day, simply because we cannot give it rest. Science has proven that our minds do not relax even we are asleep! This is why we hear so many people ‘burning-out’, reaching the limits of their creativity even before they are mid-way through life!

Our minds are forever buzzing with thoughts and are used to not being at rest. It is difficult to have a moment when we are just blank! The point when you are able to will your mind to be blank, even if for one second, is when you actually begin to relax it. And a relaxed mind is able to accomplish much more than what you would have ever imagined for yourself. Apart from various material successes, you start become one with the supreme divinity, as spiritual energy begins to flow freely through your unclogged mind.

Training the mind to rest can be a daunting task but can be achieved through consistent meditative practices. A few among these are mentioned below, which are beneficial for starters as well as advanced practitioners in search of spiritual nirvana.

Conscious breathing

We are all aware of breathing, aren’t we! It is the most vital of our involuntary actions. But are we really conscious of it? A breath is a life-force, and what better way is there to start meditation than through focusing your attention on this life force!

Select a time and place where you won’t be distracted. You can sit upright with your back straight and legs folded, or you can lie flat on your back. Close your eyes and inhale slowly through your nose. Then gradually exhale. Listen to your placid breathing pattern and focus only on the sound of your breath going in and out. Initially, you will get distracted by intruding thoughts that will take your focus away from the breathing. When this happens, simply refocus your attention on your breathing and continue. Start with a goal to keep your complete focus on your breath only for ten seconds at first, and then gradually increase to twenty, and so on. Do not get frustrated with yourself if you can’t focus for long periods at first! When you can do this for 15-20 minutes a day, you will notice amazing positive changes to the way you go about your daily interaction with the world.

Mantra Meditation
The science of sound is an established field of research, Each sound has a unique vibration that impacts both the mental and physical aspects of the body and can alter matter considerably. In meditation, a particular sound or a collection of sounds is termed a ‘mantra’. Traditional methods of mantra meditation use the sound strings of “aum”, “oo”, or “ahh”. These are considered to be powerful primal sounds whose vibrations work to enrich the spirit and impact the organs of the body.

For meditation with a mantra, sit comfortably in a quiet room and settle into silence. Inhale slowly and deeply. As you exhale, speak out the mantra in slow, deliberate syllables, extending the last consonant till your breath allows. Inhale again and repeat. In psychological terms, this is called ‘toning’ and is known to improve the brain’s efficiency.

Chakra Meditation
The Chakra meditation is an advanced meditation technique that has far reaching effects on the mind. Chakras refer to the seven spiritual energy centers located in the human body. Each chakra corresponds to a gland in the body’s endocrine system. The use of a mantra as you meditate on your chakras, can enhance the positive effects of this technique. Once the chakras are activated, a channel of divine energy opens up, and a powerful spiritual energy begins to flow through your body. This method can take you on your path to spiritual enlightenment.

Find a quiet location, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and absorb the silence. Gently focus your attention to the base of your spine. This is said to be the location of your root chakra. With your consciousness directed to the spot, recite the mantra, “aum!”. Continue repeating it while focused on the same spot. After a while, you should feel a warm sensation at the base of your spine. When this chakra is activated, the energy flowing through is believed to create a sense of stability, security and an enhanced instinct for survival.

Slowly begin to shift your attention upwards to your sacral chakra, located at your navel. Inhale deeply and exhale with “aum”. Feel the flow of energy from the root to the navel. Repeat until you feel the warm energy at the naval area. The energy here strengthens your passion and creativity.

From here, move gradually to the next chakra, located at your solar plexus. This chakra is responsible for personal power, strength, and determination.

Next, is your heart chakra located in the center of your chest. Meditate here with thoughts of unconditional love for all beings.

Move upwards from here to your throat, where the next chakra is located. Activation of this chakra enhances your ability to communicate with the material and spirit world.
The next chakra is your third eye, located between your eyebrows. Saying “aum” while focusing here can create a buzzing sensation on this spot. When you master the use of this chakra, it is said that you will open the door to infinite intelligence and enhanced intuition.

The final chakra is the crown, located on top of your head. This is where you feel your divine connection to the Supreme Being and all other living beings. You may also experience divine and pure consciousness.

When all of your chakras are activated, you become aligned with the divine and have the ability to reach into heightened dimensions of existence. These translate to clarity in thoughts, feelings and actions.

The above mentioned techniques are just a drop in the vast ocean of knowledge that exists in this realm of meditative techniques. Based on what you want to achieve, you can dive into these and discover spiritual riches that will enrich your life.

Count Marco is a qualified Reiki Practitioner (The Gnostic Centre – Leeds) and uses such techniques to enhance all his psychic readings.

Career Advice from a Psychic


As a psychic not all my readings are only about love and relationships. Many people seek advice regarding their careers, new business and new direction. More and more we find that the idea of consulting a psychic is gaining in popularity as a serious option for those seeking guidance and input regarding their careers. People from all lifestyles are now eliciting advice from qualified, legitimate psychics concerning their work options. Consulting with a psychic who specialises in issues relating to career and business information can help a person achieve the confidence to recognise opportunities and act upon them. I myself give many reading too people from all walks of life; business people, professionals; doctors, consultants, solicitors, semi-skilled and general workers looking to gain insight to where they are heading and what success will they possibly achieve.

Unemployment rates are at an all-time high and jobs are in few supply. Many qualified people are pounding the streets, vying for the same positions. Knowing beforehand if the dynamics within a particular company are compatible with your qualifications, personality and financial needs, can save you precious time and money. A psychic’s intuition and advice can give you the information that puts you ahead of the competition.

The question inevitably the same; Is there any credibility to a psychic’s claim to be able to foretell the future? Universities, renowned psychiatrists and psychologists have conducted controlled trials to determine the legitimacy of psychic abilities; the conclusion of these studies overwhelmingly points to the enhanced abilities of some persons to tap into a source of knowledge that most of us cannot. These studies have proven that extrasensory perception, telepathy and precognition, exist within the capabilities of select people. Therefore, to say that psychic ability is without credence and legitimacy is to deny what science has affirmed.

How do you discern the difference between a legitimate psychic and an opportunist who preys on the unsuspecting? One way is by assessing their interviewing techniques. An opportunist will fish for information from you and make general statements that could apply to anyone. They will most often make assertions and then ask you for verification. Once you have given them enough personal information, they’re able to concoct a reading that sounds plausible.

By contrast, a legitimate psychic will not ask you for details, but will give details to you. They will usually give you a piece of validating information that only you know, then proceed with the session. When you’ve had a reading with a legitimate psychic, you won’t go away confused but will leave affirmed that you’ve received a message from a higher source.

One of the key things to consider when you sit thinking about your career and work is what is it that you truly want to do. What is it that you would enjoy getting up for in the morning. Listen and be guided by these desires and wishes.

So where do you find a reputable psychic, apart obviously with myself? If you’re serious about consulting a psychic, begin your search by asking friends or family for recommendations. Most people will be happy to share their experiences with you. Good psychics have good references. Many of the psychics on this very site have some excellent testimonials.

If you prefer a face-to-face reading, perform an internet search for psychics listed in your area. The internet is an invaluable resource. Many perform readings online or by phone. They are also some excellent Psychic Websites listing details of the individual psychics abilities and gifts; tarot, cartomancy, mediumship, angel cards, clairvoyance as well as listing genuine testimonials. Quite often they are rated with a Star System. Often there will be an introduction offer; to give you the opportunity to find a psychic that is in tune with you. If you are not feeling a connection do not be afraid to let them know. Reputable psychics will also let you know if they are not picking up a connection. One of the best websites to look for an online psychic is

Often individual psychics will have their own websites and newsletters and some will offer a complimentary session at no charge. Take time to read their bios and find one with whom you feel a connection.

Once you’ve made the decision to contact a psychic for career advice, take the time to prepare yourself for the reading. Meditate on your questions and practice deep breathing. This will help the psychic tune into your energies and you will receive a much more detailed and efficient reading. Don’t try to cram a whole lifetime of ills and disappointments into one session but instead, focus on the main points with which you’d like help: Do you want sage information that might help you secure a new job? Do you want to know if someone at work is sabotaging your ability to move up the ladder? Are you concerned the company you’re working for is about to go out of business?

Be receptive to the information your psychic gives you; take notes; record your conversation so that you can go back and listen to it again later. Remember, your career helps to define your happiness so don’t leave it to chance. Consult a career psychic and set yourself on the road to achieving personal and professional success.