Beautiful Magical Website Literally Floats out of the Screen!

With so many new Psychic websites coming on line every day, week and month, it takes something really outstanding for it to literally stand out or in this case appear to float out of the screen. It engaged me and grabbed my attention instantly and I had to bookmark it for future exploration. So tonight inspired as it has made me, I decided I just had to review the site and write an article on it.

This new site is entitled Metamorphosis Services – with the tag line for us to Cast Something Beautiful. The site is certainly no hard sell website. Its most attractive in its design; quite lush and easy to read and digest. I found it very soft and pleasing on the eye and the content was thought provoking, without what I was waiting for – the “hard sell” There is no hard sell.

It’s Creator and writer is called Lisa Boswell and she actually engaged me straight away by explaining how the website was created for owners of Spiritual and Psychic businesses.

Lisa speaks of her own struggles working hard as a psychic. Lisa outlines many of the issues and problems that professional psychics suffer from. She describes in detail the difficulties of her own journey. It seemed very authentic and true. Something she tells us had to give; something it seemed had to change. Thus to cut a long story short it seems that Metamorphosis was born. Again its not my job to give the detail in this article – I just recommend that you visit the website; but to say if you take the ten minutes to read some of her words and her story on her main page and I am sure that you will find them as inspiring as I did.

I would also like to comment on the simple but quite beautiful design. In this word of high tech and complicated websites, Interesting content with such great level of simple design – I think she has got it absolutely spot on! Its a smooth, attractive, on line magazine, even the choice of Font really works – I am really excited to see how this is going to develop and grow. I also intend to take her up on her offer to help me “Start my Journey” I promise that I will report back later on how I get on.

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