Brief History of the 52 Deck of Playing Cards.

History of the Playing Cards 

Today I felt the urge to give people a quick understanding and idea of where our deck of 52 playing cards originated from.

The 52 Playing Cards have a history filled with stories of mystery and power. Originally used as a tool for divination and time keeping, their roots are mystical and hidden.

Virtually all countries have their own version of the Deck of Playing Cards.

From the Deck of 52 Playing Cards, The Tarot Pack was born.

In the past, the Playing Cards were used for everything from time keeping, divination and military strategies.

Today we mainly use them for entertainment from gambling in the hope of financial gain, fortune telling to give us guidance or just for simple card playing games to pass the time.

The Card Deck was our first form of calendar.

There are 52 cards in the deck and 52 weeks in the year

There are 4 Suits and 4 seasons

There are 13 cards in each suit and 13 weeks in each of the seasons

There are 12 Court Cards (jacks, queens, kings) and 12 months

When added together (1 2 3, etc..through the entire deck) the total is 364.

Add the Joker as 1, and the total is 365, the number of days in the year.

The foundation of the deck is based on a universal numeric system that has been used throughout time by countless ancient cultures, mystic orders, and mystery schools.

And hidden within the magic filled numbers and sacred symbols of Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades, lie the keys to man%u2019s origin, destiny, and journey through time The two main Grand Solar Spreads of the system, sometimes referred to as God’s Plan and Man’s Plan – reveal the path of our Destiny as it unfolds from the beginning of time – from birth to death, and every moment in between.

The mathematically based charts of time show our origin, what we bring with us into this life, who we are and the possibilites of what we can manifest in this lifetime

What’s more, the deck holds the keys to our inner and outer kingdoms of life; keys that unlock our awareness to the greater potential of who we are as individuals, together as a whole, and ultimately as a force becoming one in our collective consciousness.


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