The Weird and Strange “Unfavorable Semicircle”

semiI wanted to discuss and bring attention to the very weird, strange but equally fascinating video clips from Unfavorable Semicircle.

On March 30, 2015, username “unfavorable semicircle” uploaded a four-second video onto YouTube that stirred up a lot of mystery online and garnered a lot of attention. The video was a short clip with no audio and only static brown spots with a blurry hole. 72,000 similar short and eerie videos have been uploaded ever since. All of these videos are often silent with some containing faint mysterious clues including abstract images, distorted voices, and unusual sounds.

The channel gained popularity after one of its videos was posted on Reddit. But the channel has been terminated by YouTube as of February 25, 2016. Unfavorable Semicircle has also popped up on Twitter where thousands of similar videos were uploaded.

By March the channel has surpassed 200,000 total videos, uploading almost three videos each minute. Each video has a mysterious voice encoded in the background. This voice is that of a man speaking either a single letter or number with no connection in between the videos. The voice has a disquieting effect on the videos and adds to this weird YouTube curiosity.

Most of these videos are only 5 seconds long but some of them are different. One is a 10-second high pitched squeal and another contains blurry images along with random digital audio. Another unsettling video is 11 hours of silence. Many followers are trying to get to the bottom of this online mystery by trying to decrypt the videos using a Key. One video was compared to a distinct, echoed scream.Cartomancyad1

There have been many theories as to the origin of these videos. Some believe it is a game used to recruit agents for a supercomputer trying to take over the world, whereas others claim the channel is just a test for either YouTube or another user or an online numbers station. Many Reddit users urge Unfavorable Semicircle followers to demand an answer from YouTube but they fear that the channel will be shut down and that the mystery will live on.

A few views also discuss how these videos cause fear and anxiety while watching them adding to the list of conspiracy theories but this time that infra-sound or sound lower than 20 Hz can induce a sense of fear or even depression and affect the subconscious of people. Whatever the story is behind this strange and even disturbing videos, one this is for sure that watching these videos will make you turn around to make sure a croaking long haired girl isn’t standing behind you ready to drag you away.

Master Tarot

a beautiful passing

Called suddenly to our Mam’s hospital bedside one Saturday night, we all feared the worst. As we arrived on the hospital ward our worst fears were confirmed. Our dear and most Beautiful Mam would not be staying with us too much longer. She was in some distress and the Doctor was trying to find out what she wished for. All she could say was “no more.” Over and over “no more”. So he administered something to ease all suffering away, then allowing us all be together with her, confirming that her time was short.

We were all together our Dad and all my brothers, my sister was also there, in so many other ways. Her pain eased and she went into a gentle sleep. We touched her arms, we held her hand, we kissed her, we told her we loved her, so so very much. We thanked her for everything she had been and was to us. Dad spoke special private whispered words…for 45 minutes we sat with her, changing places to be near her one by one… assuring her, we were all okay and she could relax, sleep, worry no more. This was indeed Her Own “Special Time.” ….and then suddenly she slipped so very, gently and silently away into the night….somewhat breaking our hearts in the process; but we all were in no doubt it was her time. No more pain, no more suffering. This was entirely her own journey and how could we be so selfish to deny her this, this was indeed her own beautiful passing.

As nurses confirmed what we already knew, they brought us a tray of coffee’s and tea’s in. Mam seemed to be very with us, as she lay in front of us in her deep everlasting sleep. I could feel her watching us, feeling for us; but watching from above. We drank coffees and talked to her. Eventually we took breaks for fresh air and so forth, we consoled each other best we could. I could hear in my head and feel her in the room saying “Don’t go just yet, Don’t go.stay a little longer…” So we waited with her.

Then the nurse wanted to dress her into her nightgown…so we gave her privacy, leaving her alone. Once she had been dressed we were invited back in. As I walked in I could see, she did indeed look so peaceful. But her voice in my head now said “Its okay Son, now you can leave, go home, don’t worry, you can go now” I no longer felt her in the room. Truly, she was not there at all. I kissed her one more time, told her I loved her and left her giving her the privacy she had requested.

My reason for this posting is not to upset anyone, or trivialise the great pain we have all experienced (and still certainly do), as many of you will no doubt have, that have said Goodbye to a Loved one. But to point out that her passing in many ways was indeed beautiful. It was a passing fitting for her and everything she was. She made all of us, her children and our Dad, the cornerstone of her life. So it was fitting that we were all there to say a fond and loving farewell. Sometimes the whole thing feels like she scripted this final chapter of her life!

In those final 45 minutes, we all poured so much love towards her, the atmosphere in the room was filled with electricity, sadness and so so many thanks for a life so well lived. Heartbreaking as it was, for me it was one of the biggest blessings and privileges, that I have ever had.

God Bless You Dear Mam, we are all just managing to go through the motions of living at the moment, gentle steps..but we feel you with us, guiding us every step, just as you always did…and always will. x

Its been a long time….

It has been quite some time since I updated my blog; perhaps it was writers block, perhaps it was just been to busy with the very act of living that I could not get back on here to connect with everyone…But now I am indeed back..what is changed and what has been happening you may well ask…

I have finally managed my Reiki Healing Level One, this was a wonderful experience and I am excited about sharing this with many of you. I have already found it is benefiting me in so many more ways.

I have also finally done a “Soft Launch” of my Playing Cards of Cartomancy; an original system of fortune telling using the Powers of the Deck of Cards. I have put together a short instruction manual. I am sure that they will be available for general release either direct from me or via Amazon etc.

I have also been busy delivering some Psychic Development Seminars, one on one sessions which have proved really significant, not just for advancement of my clients but also myself. I find through my teachings I am indeed taught so much more.

Oranum worth Checking Out.

Naturally I do not expect everyone to have a reading with Count Marco! Especially if you know me privately and personally, so I have been spending sometime checking out other Psychic Services and have found that Oranum certainly seem to be getting some incredible feedback. They do Live readings so you can actually see who you are reading with. (Similar to a reading with me via Skype). Prices are really competitive, so check them out and let me know.

Count Marco App V1.0

I am delighted to confirm that the Brand New Count Marco App V1.0 has now been launched and is ready for download immediately! This will keep you in constant contact with Count Marco and feature any offers that are available. Today’s offer is 50% off any personal reading! All you need to do is submit the code with your booking to get your 50% discount. Find out about your Tomorrow today by downloading your App Today!

Count Marco App V1.0
Count Marco App V1.0

New Section – All My Readings

A new section has now been added onto my Blog this gives full details of all the different readings available from me. I trust it will be useful. Blessings Count Marco

Count Marco is available for a whole range of readings using the Power of Cartomancy, click the below images for full information.

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The Sanctuary

Grief and HeartBreak

In my work as a Master of Cartomancy; many times I am discussing the subject that we all experience in our lives from time to time. It is in fact a part of our lives that we cannot avoid. Breakups, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, career or business can make life feel quite hopeless and lost. So today I have decided to look at the different stages of Grief and HeartBreak. I hope that they will be of comfort to some of you in your dark night or hour of need.My blessing to you all as always.
† Count Marco †
Today I want to look at what I call the Seven Stages of Grief. There is no exact science to the stages of grief; some will pass through all stages, others may not. It is totally personal to you and your own experience. However they do form some sort of foundation of how you may be feeling and where you are at in your period of grief.
The stages do not follow in a nice straight line from one stage to the next. It takes time and as I have already said it differs from one person to the next.

Sometimes, just when you think you are moving forward, you find you are backtracking. The main purpose of trying to put these stages down in some sort of order, is to try to illustrate that there is light at the end of the tunnel. They give you some sort of understanding of what is actually happening to you.

Its not unusual for you to feel depressed and lost later on a long time after the tragedy occurred. This can be quite a few months after and is totally normal. Lots of your friends and family will tell you to “get a grip” or “move on”

Understand that it is totally normal to need to be alone during this time to reflect on your own sadness. This may help you deal with those that are telling you such things. The way you are is totally normal in your situation. So do not beat yourself up about it.

So lets try and break it down into Seven Stages of Grief.

Stage One.
Shock and Denial

You may feel on the discovering of your loss with a total disbelief. To avoid the pain you may just deny the loss, this is you trying to avoid the pain. You are being protected emotionally by the shock so you do not get hit all at the same time. You may endure this for some time to come, days and perhaps even weeks.

Stage Two.
Pain and Guilt
Your shock will eventually wear off; however the unbelievable pain may well then kick in. It can be overpowering and unbearable, but believe it or not it is essential that you experience and feel this pain on your road to recovery. Its no good dumbing it down with booze or drugs. You may start to look back and feel remorse and guilt over things you could have done better. You life may feel out of control and chaotic at this time. You may well be filled with fear.

Stage Three.
Your frustration may build up and do not be surprised if you feel anger. Try not to vent your anger outwardly, especially against people that care and love you. Its normal for you to release all your emotions. No good for you to keep everything bottled up. You may well ask why this has happened to you.

Stage Four.
Lonely, Depressed and Even More Reflective.
Everyone may well be telling you to pull yourself together and move on, but do not be surprised if a longer period of sad reflection takes over. How you are reacting is totally normal. Do not be rushed. Everyone encouraging you at this time actually does not help you very much. Eventually you start to understand how great your loss is. This is a time that may be filled with more remorse and thinking about memories from the past. Do not beat yourself up if you feel sometimes desperate or low.

Stage Five.
Your life is actually continuing even though you have had this great loss, but you feel a little more calm. Sometimes you feel your old self coming back and not so “blue”

Stage Six.
Recovery and Moving On
As you start to crack on with your life and you mind starts working properly, you look to solving problems and solutions in connection with your new position. You start now to work on more practical matters concerning your own life.

Stage Seven.
Now onto the last stage, you feel some acceptance and start to understand clearly with some acceptance as what has happened. Do not expect to be suddenly really happy. This experience will have changed you. You need to accept this. But you will move forward. Suddenly you will be planning things and thinking about your future. Eventually thinking about this lost love may still have some pain but it will not be like the level that you experienced in the beginning. Eventually you will be hoping for good times again and be looking or joy within your own life again!

Messages from Irish Ancestors.

Irish Story

A wonderful story that I have been personally involved in proved to me that yet again Miracles do happen.

A client of mine called me to explain that she kept seeing her old relatives, long passed over, in her dreams.

She has no contact now from where they originated in Ireland. However the dreams kept on coming and arriving.

She could make no sense of it at all.

Until a family friend arrived at her door with a old trunk full of old catholic rosary beads, prayer cards

(one even with her own Birthday on it!), holy water and salt and a set of scapula.

Well if this is not Divine Intervention, I know not what is.

Blessings to her and to all of you this cold winter night….

Getting Started – Am I Really a Count?

So let me begin. My name is Count Marco. The first thing you may ask is “Are you really a Count?” Well all I can say is in myself I have always believed this to be the case. I am not actually into Dracula or anything remotely gothic. My father is Italian and I have always felt at home when returning to Italy. But for many years I have just felt comfortable calling myself Count Marco, yes its even on my driving licence! Perhaps its a past life coming through..who knows… but there we have it.

It fits in very well with my role as a Master of Cartomancy. I have read the Playing Cards for around 15 years now. Initially it was something to do with family and friends. But as I did more and more readings I realised that they really were incredibly accurate. So I started to use my reading to help other people, many subjects can be covered in a reading. But more often than not people have a great interest to find out what is happening romantically.

I also think that a Pack of Playing Cards is something very wonderful and curious. In forthcoming blog posts I am going to discuss the History of Cartomancy, the History of the Playing Cards – and yes they are in fact much older than Tarot Cards. Next time I hope to introduce you to one of my favourite producers of Playing Cards in recent years Ana Cortez – the artwork on each card is absolutely outstanding. Until next time – my blessings upon you.