My Work as a Psychic Reader

ccards2I have decided in this article to give more clarity as to what I actually do as a Psychic Reader. My work is varied, very interesting and most rewarding. My work as a Psychic started over 25 years ago, reading for friends and family. We often enjoyed getting together and inviting a guest psychic into our home or sometimes we would just sit talking until the early hours on all things spiritual.

Psychic Reader Count Marco

In the last ten years I decided I needed to embrace what I felt was my true calling and embrace all it could offer me and allow me the opportunity to carry out Service for others. So I started in the early years reading through one small company and as my confidence, skill and knowledge grew I then launched this small blog.This was an outlet for me to write articles and have a presence on the internet. Individuals started to make contact with me and I made arrangements for me to be able to do readings on the phone, in person or via Skype. Many of these people have stayed with me over the years and continue to read with me on a regular basis. My customers are based throughout the world; United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. I also offer my services on a one on one personal basis, or house gathering in the Malton and York area, in the UK.

In the main when I do readings they are usually connected to Love and relationships, money and career issues. I also can look at life paths and I seem to be quite accurate with timelines, this has been aided by my deep study of Horology. All my work primarily is governed by my ability to read via the Power of Playing Cards – Cartomancy. I do bring in Tarot when I feel a reading could be given even more shade and light, or when I am simply guided to do so.

As a Master of Cartomancy I have created my own Playing Cards; Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy, which are sold via its own website which is called Cartomancy Cards.

I also run other psychic websites and blogs and help run another main psychic website that offers the services of other experienced psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. I am also a featured reader on a number of international psychic and spiritual websites.

Feel free to reach out to me via the Contacts Page if you feel that I can offer you Service. I am available for phone, Skype or one on one readings and also house parties in the Yorkshire area

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Why Have a Tarot Card Reading?

Source: Nomadic Me III by Garethhh (DeviantArt)
Source: Nomadic Me III by Garethhh (DeviantArt)

What is becoming very popular is the amount of people now contacting and using the skills of psychics. Historically and once again becoming increasing in popularity, to choose to have a psychic reading with a psychic reader that is an expert in being able to read Tarot Cards. In this article I wish to help you decide if a Tarot Reading could be of benefit to you.

The Tarot Deck

Tarot reading was born, came along after they were invented in the middle ages. Prior to this time these readings were done via the Art of Cartomancy; the art of divination with a deck of playing cards. Within the Tarot Cards are 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards. So the total deck of cards is 78 cards. The Major Arcana cards relate to major signs or symbols; Sun, Moon, Lovers and so forth. The Minor Arcana cards divide down into 4 suits (similar to playing cards) The suits are wands and pentacles, cups and swords. Remember Playing Cards were around along time before the introduction of Tarot Cards.

Each Psychic Tarot Card Reader will have their own ways and own ceremonies around how they deliver a reading. They do not do this only by studying the significance or meaning of any particular card, but also by interpreting it in conjunction with other cards near it. Whilst each card holds its very own meaning a good reader looks much deeper, where is it located within the spread and which cards are it’s neighbour. This can dramatically change the vibration generated and thus the meaning.

The Major Arcana Cards do give out very powerful messages; for example the often maligned Death Card; can more times than not warn of changes, the end of a chapter, rather than death itself. But with endings comes new starts, new beginnings and much hope.

But how can it all make sense – how can it just work. I always say that there is no such thing as a “wrong reading” The professional Tarot Reader can quickly pick up meanings, vibrations and messages that are being told within the spread. The psychic’s skill comes in with his ability to interpret the story as it lies in front of him. Therefore the reading is always right, it is down to the Psychic Tarot Card reader to understand all this.

Tarot Spread
Tarot Spread

Lots of people totally believe in Tarot readings. Again  feel its like finding a key; it opens a door, the reading itself guides you which rooms to walk into and which ones to avoid. It raises issues, I can picks up vibrations straight away; work problem, love life issue and so forth. The story is always right there its just a matter of translation.

By now Tarot readings are available just about everywhere. On the television, online or just on your doorstep, look in your local paper. The biggest growing area for Tarot Readings is the amount of people and businesses offering their readings via the internet. I run this website, to connect with people via my gifts and knowledge of the Art of Cartomancy, but tarot readers can also be found on a variety of different websites throughout the world. I also know many customers choose to have psychic readings by text or email.

So before you rush off to have your tarot reading take a look at the options and choose one that suits your exact needs. Plan a budget and stick to it. The last thing you want to do is become fully reliant upon it. You always do have free will, so be strong enough to count on it. Free will is your way of choosing the path. The Tarot will give you a clue as to which paths are available.

The secret in having a good or enjoyable tarot reading lies first of all in finding a good tarot reader. This is someone who you feel comfortable with and ideally someone who you feel you have a connection with.

There are many genuine psychic tarot readers with other abilities of mediumship, clairvoyance and even the ability to read normal standard playing cards (cartomancy) and they are other that perhaps do not have the skills they promise. How can you know? Good psychics will rely on word of mouth, so ask around. If you are searching online check out the testimonials; what people are saying about them and how they are rating them.

Many companies online give you a free offer or discounted price to give you the opportunity to try out a psychic. Do not fully commit until you feel a true and genuine connection. Also you find with the truly professional ones, if they feel they are not connecting they will tell you and recommend that you find another reader that can establish a better connection. A good tarot reader is someone who is empathetic, can really pick up the vibrations and messages coming to him through the Tarot Cards and be able to deliver you the truth as he feels it. You should not expect all your issues to be resolved. Use it as a tool to make your own decisions. Always remember you have total free will which when used gives you the power to overide any messages or guidance that the tarot reading give you.

Ordering Your Own “Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy”

For all of you that have already placed orders – thank you so very much. I am confident you will be totally delighted with your Set. Feedback has been so very positive.
Here is a link to give you full detailed information on what is included in this unique and original system of Divination using the Power of the Playing Cards. It also explains how exactly you can order a standard pack of fully personalised at no extra cost.

Ordering Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy

Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy Launched

Finally after the last few years of working on my Card’s of Cartomancy I am delighted to finally bring them to market. I have done short runs in the past, but never been totally happy with them. Now however I feel that this latest version is something that I can be proud of. These are cards that I work with on a regular basis. Each pack is individual to the buyer. So if you decide to order a set, your own chosen name will be annotated upon them.

There are two designs on the card, again on placing your order you can choose your preferred design.

The Deck of Card comes with two Spiritual Dice, that you will be taught how to use them within your readings. The cards themselves are covered with astrological,  numerological symbology. The cards also feature the relevant symbols of the Elements.cm3

Each pack come with a full instruction manual, that provides clear and concise information on how to maximise the powerful potential of these wonderful Cards of Divination. All is delivered inside a velvet type bag for you to keep them safely in.
I look forward to receiving your feedback on these unique and most original Cards.
Click the link below to purchase.