Playing Card of the Week – 4 Clubs

I took a card to see the vibration for the forthcoming week. It was the Four of Clubs. 4clubsFor those of you born under one of the Air Signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini) this card will be even more relevant to your situation. You will need to accept that sometimes you need to just stop and relax. First thing first – a priority this week must be that you recharge your battery. Recently you have had demands coming in from just about everywhere. So please, stop fighting it, give in and relax!

You will in this next week be surprised in a very pleasant way. You are to receive some good news. It will give you a good reason to celebrate.

An idea that you have been working on will start now to take form. Someone that you already know is going to spur you on to take action.

A secret is to be revealed. You may look and think differently about someone after this secret comes out. It will not be a destructive revelation, just a most curious and interesting one.

Consider and contemplate on your thoughts and ideas this week. Expect to be communicating some of them to other sources. This will generate a most interesting dilemma. Face it with logic and be guided accordingly.

The White Feather
Whilst walking my dog Roxy, I observed a white feather, falling down onto the footpath in front of me. It was whilst walking in deep thought I experienced this. So I urge you when you see a white feather this week featherput aside thoughts that it is random and that obviously feathers fall around us all the time. Yes they do, but we only notice them, when someone wants to guide us. Consider that this is someone from Spirit connecting with you. Think about them and ask them what their message is. Listen carefully, think about the answer your receive and how it is delivered. Be open to what you hear. You may be very surprised.


Playing Card – 16th May

Today’s card is the Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts

In some area, in some degree, in some way this man will probably feature or come into your mind over the next few days. Look for him, introduce him to your mind, uncover him your life.

This is a man who is commonly between twenty and thirty five years old. He is typically very boyish in looks and appearance. He in most cases is of light complexion, good looking and will always look really good for his years. Even as he grows older, people will certainly always imagine him to be of a substantial younger age. He holds his youth in all areas including his young approach to everyday life.

This man is easy going and well-received with work associates, friends and loved ones. Individuals warm to his hospitable disposition. They love to have him around. He boosts people’s self-confidence and energy level. He is the feel good factor in any working team or organization. He can be relied on to bring out the best in people in any given scenario.

This is a kind man and in a few areas is to some extent naive. Even when he becomes a more skilled Jack of Hearts he holds onto his sense of inherent naivety. He is pleasing and of sociable predisposition. He is a kind and sincere soul with a full heart.

The Jack of Hearts does without a doubt likes to keep busy. He is a man that gets bored so very easily. He will have many pursuits.

He is filled with libido and vivacity and he certainly takes joy in this facet of his life to the fullest. He is a very pleasure loving fella who takes joy in offering and obtaining satisfaction. He adores to get a kick out of new and entertaining new experiences at all levels.


Playing Card – 12th May

Todays Card is the 2 of Clubs ♣

This card shows that they will be in the very near future head on clashes and opposition regarding finance, wealth and its distribution. Discussions with partners and finance people seem to offer no real solutions. However you need to keep making effort to restore stability and find solutions to your situation. Eventually balance will be restored, until this happens keep your eye on the ball so to speak.

Circumstances will bring on uncertainty. In practical terms whilst money issues may be a worry there is no real fear for the future. You may consider joining forces with someone, but this will not probably be likely so you may find it better to go alone.

In some areas joining forces seems a good idea as the responsibilities and risks are shared. The downside is that you also will have more restraint on your endeavours. This is not the best time to launch new projects. Wait to move forward, this more difficult path will pass.

A good balanced philosophy of selflessness and compassion is necessary at this time.

Because this is a time of opposing influences quite often it turns out to be more positive and beneficial as it lessens the urge to spend on non essential items. You will find yourself unable to make positive decisions, however this again helps to prevent you from making incorrect or rash decisions.

Stand and wait for the next phase to arrive, it will not be too long in arriving.

Playing Card – 10th May

Today’s Card is the Ace of Hearts
The Ace of Hearts is undoubtedly one of my favourite cards. It is a card packed with a lot of hope and opportunity. It will associate with either your existing circumstance of forewarns of a new situation arising in the area of love and intimate relationships.

Ace of Heartsd

I see great fulfillment born from a new or ongoing relationship. This might be a completely new intimacy or it could indicate the reunion of a previous partner, sacrificed passion or an acquaintance arriving back but in a different footing.

Regardless of the relation; there is undoubtedly out of this world sexual and physical chemistry present in this alliance. The experiencing of an incredible accumulation of unresolved sexual tension will be an indicator of who this concerns. I furthermore, can spy exceptional mental affinity amongst both people. These two definitely will undoubtedly burn the night oil talking and talking till the darkest hours of night.

This can develop into all that their hearts wants. It is undeniably the card of fate and destiny. Certainly there can be no escape; these two are predestined to connect. They are predestined to be just one. I see much feasting, drinking, festivity and emotional happiness. This is the card of Romeo and Juliet, it is the card of romance and lovers. It is laded with just so much sentiment, lovemaking and exhilaration.

The unison is so particularly intoxicating. It will be an absolute inevitability for these two to rejoice in strong embraces, cherished kisses, the most intimate of love making. They are to experience delirium at the highest possible level. Many have even suggested it can possibly be similar to out of body experiences. They become spiritually harmonic and well balanced. Each provides what the other frantically yearns. Each obtains something so fierce and powerful it knows no restrain. Physically and emotionally they meld into one congregation and one soul.

They can and will probably invoke such amount of inner peace and tranquillity. Life truly will definitely never ever be the same again.

Perhaps you have already experienced this coming together, in which this card tells you to look again at your situation and appreciate the gift bestowed upon you. Or if you have not yet come across this level of communion, be readied; open up and ask the Divine to exhibit and bestow to you this benefaction so private and priceless. Blessed Be.

Playing Card – 7th May

I have just returned from a weekend away with a local circus. The hospitality was indeed out of this world. So before retiring to my chamber I decided to choose today’s card and publish it significance. One of my favorite cards!

Queen of Hearts

Today’s Card is the Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is certainly a remarkably special Woman. Take care to observe if this lady is in your life, do you see her? Do you know her? Is it you?

This is the Lover of all woman. A woman that has to have love in her life and needs to impart love upon all that are close to her.

 She is the classical bashful bride loaded with domestic aptitude. She can and typically creates a home from absolutely very little, she is a natural nest builder. From a very early age one of her particular concerns and motivations is to create a secure harborage where she can be guarded. Where she can be loved and love, where she can make her wonderful love.

She is a ready made mother, even in the absence of children in her life she is the “mother” of everyone. Ever nurturing, ever giving and in all areas the very personage of motherhood.

Her home is welcoming and a shelter for all that pass by and within it. In the kitchen area she has a natural style and typically holds a full store room. She is a mistress of the home.

In intimacy she knows no restraints, she gives one hundred percent. She delivers in physical terms as she carries out in all other areas of her life, without impediment, in the absence of compromise. She lusts to hand out as much as she can receive. She is the profusion of womanly sexuality; bringing heat and euphoria, intensity and ecstasy to the coldest of beds.

Queen of the Bedroom

With a competence to soften even the coldest of lovers. In love making she teems with compassion, imagination and a dexterity to get to the optimum dominions of rhapsody. She can not be offended and she is available to all degrees and aspects inside the seclusion of her bedchamber. It develops into its own private world of utopia, gratification, ravishment and laughter.

This is a most imaginative woman. In all aspects of her life, from interior decoration by using to deciding the ideal kind of Christmas card or birthday card. She taps in to her own individual sense of inventiveness in all issues of creativity.

She has inner contentment as she understands her own route from such an early age. She is a warm hearted personality with a strong psychic capacity. A trustworthy friend who naturally gives motherly advice to all that come across her. Resolute and protective to the very end.

 Seek the Queen of Hearts in your life today and reach out to her and allow her to bestow some of her benefactions and magic upon you. If you are the Queen of Hearts recognize the power that you hold inside you. Look to unleash and award it to all around you. Celebrate the beauty and magic of your Spirit and essence.



Playing Card – 5th May

Today’s Card is the King of Clubs ♣
Publishing the daily playing card across plenty of internet sites and networks I would undoubtedly wish to give my thanks to all the numerous people that have actually taken the time to remark upon the subject matter of the the readings. If a card can extend and help merely one man or woman then I feel my hard work is valuable.

Listed here are just a few of the opinions that I have been given over the last week or so:-

Reviews on the Daily Playing Cards

 So now on with today’s card. Yes it is the King of Clubs 

King of Clubs

Lets have a look at the significance of this very interesting card.

The King of Clubs represents a Male Figure. In some way he will feature in your life. You will reach out to him or he may reach out to you. Contact and communication with this individual will serve you both at some level.

So lets look at this man in more detail.

He is a very experienced man and you will recognise him because of his notable success with finance. He has many material assets; so you would expect him to have a good home, nice car and all the extra trimmings associated with a man of his success. Quite often the King of Clubs is a collector of antiques or valuables. Single minded in all his dealings, this is a man that knows his own mind.

He will come across as being very full of life. He has great amounts of sexual vitality. In his day to day dealings many people seek his advice, colleagues, friends and family members rely upon him to give counsel and guidance.

He never ever quits on projects or people. He perseveres in all matters and is in most incidents very successful. He is rich in experience in so many things, business, travel and even relationships. This is a man who attracts money and the trappings of wealth. He is clever and professional in all his dealings.

So if you recognise this man within your life ask yourself, where does he stand within it at this moment. Are you in regular contact? Is there any unfinished business between you? Look within to be guided if Spirit indicates who this is and what it means.



Playing Card – 4th May

Today’s Card is the 5 of Clubs

5 Clubs

I am sorry for the absence of daily playing card readings – This has been due the fact that I needed to fly at short notice to a very obscure part of the globe to offer help to an old family friend. I came back last night so am right now going to continue my best to bring you your day to day feed of Daily Playing Card readings.

So today’s Card I find is an exceedingly interesting state of affairs as today’s card is the duplicate as the card I drew earlier on the 25th April 2012.

So first of all Spirit advisers me to tell you certainly there is a message within this. Either/or when I at the outset revealed that card, it did not actually resonate with you and Spirit would like you to think again. Or if it did resonate with you then it would like you to look even closer amongst the significance of it.

So I shall now give more specifications on its significance.

The card initially connects to concerns of cash and working to a much more suitable possible future. You are truly going towards a much brighter long term future in terms of financial affairs. So you have to pay attention to more options that are presently open to you, or look out and identify them when they are made available to you.

more cash and coins

Really try to think outside the box on this topic. Is there some aspiration in your head of a new way to bring cash in? Is there a new job or business opportunity that you keep discarding yourself. Do you have a natural talent that really can be made use of to generate more money? Sit and reflect on this. Ask the Divine to show you the things you desire to identify to be able to take the imperative action and enrich your circumstances in terms of financial stability. If any of this resonates with you then the indicated card has been drawn out with you in mind. On the grounds that its the second time its been drawn out in the week, Spirit certainly is shouting to get your attention, so please sit up, give heed to and most of all commence reacting today!

The 2nd message in this card is one concerning planning and organization. With perfect preparation you can attain near perfect results. You should address how organised you presently are.

planning and organising

Could possibly your be arrangements be stronger and more straightforward. Are you as organised as you would like to be? Which area’s in your life show the highest amount of disorder? Exactly what can you do to change this? You might need to sit down with a full pot of coffee and a write down all that you would like to obtain in the following couple of months and exactly what you have to do to achieve success. Its a time for pondering, planning and the administration of plans.


Playing Card – 26th April

Today’s Card is the Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds

Today I have been distracted, thus the late appearance of today’s playing card. It has been truly a day of countless enterprises and many consultations. So with no additional ado I now look to the card which I drew out of my Deck of Cards early on today. I am convinced that it definitely will rank as one of the more captivating online readings that I have provided.

It is the Queen of Diamonds and is the first picture card that I have drawn on ever since I went ahead to bring you these Daily Card Readings.

So how to spell out such a card to everyone of you. Spirit guides me to assess her and for you to discern if she takes on any element in your life and if so in what way. Spirit will show you the remainder of the way.

Here she is: –

I see a very pragmatic female, most fertile. This is a woman that tries and needs to shield everybody. With her very pale skin, fair hair and brilliant blue eyes everyone notices her. She exudes feminality and is the quintessence of feminine sensualness.

This is a woman of immense strength physically and emotionally, she absolutely comprehends her own mind. She can come across as very iron-handed and imposing. She loves to hold a level of control that is unquestionable. This includes the most reserved parts of her life where she is most happiest when she is entirely confident to use her intimate adeptness and power to the greatest effect. People can see the secrets she holds behind her eyes.

Having an active career, she can be found to be fantastic in business and always puts her career first. She is nevertheless extremely competent at handling business and home life with impressive accuracy and order.

When the time is right for her she will become an efficient and nurturing mother. Usually she will decide to come to be a mother later on in life, when she is set and on her terms.

In all areas of her life she is well appreciated not just my family and friends but even acquaintances are knocked out or just purely fall for her.

a typcial Queen of Diamonds

This woman has a high amount of energy and is always a positive force. Many woman are secretly jealous of her. She exhibits such a great degree of calm and discipline. With such self confidence this is a woman that captivates many admirers.

She is fond company and savors social interactions at all levels. For the few that she decides to allow to know her on a more confidential level she grants benefactions of decadent passion and satisfaction that they may undoubtedly never forget.

Playing Card – 25th April

Today’s Card is the 5 of Clubs
With my candles lit and my spirits rejuvenated after an extremely good complete night of peaceful rest, I shuffled my pack of playing cards. My thoughts turn to how frequently I shuffle these old and dilapidated cards of fortune for my online card readings. For decades they have directed not only my customers, good friends and family members, but additionally numerous clients past and present. As many of you know I routinely give people free card readings, something that I wish to carry on. As so onto today’s daily playing card reading.

5 Clubs

Today’s card connects to two distinct areas. I am going to start with the first issue which refers to the question of money.

some money…

From now you most certainly can look and anticipate a far better foreseeable future. I see you gathering possessions and thinking about new paths concerning money and investment issues. I foresee you considering fresh business enterprises, some quite possibly could be joint and be formed as some sort of partnership.

I do see better returns coming to you and direct dividends in response to your expertise. This will then help sort financial troubles out; some of that will have the opportunity to disappear. Because of this you may be outlining long term financing’s.

In anything you do I see an immense amount of personal commitment might be requested from you. The crucial word here is planning, planning and more planning. Impeccable strategies will give you unequaled results and outcomes.

significant relationships

Playing Card – 24th April

Today’s Card is the 9 of Spades
Even in the world of online readings we find issues and problems.  I offer no apology for publishing my reading today. Yes this is a free fortune telling reading. A basic general card of fortune to give you understanding of your day ahead and all that influences it. So I happily publish the more difficult news that I see and read within the fortune cards as many call them. So that you can be prepared and fight back, and minimize the difficulties offered within the very vibration of this card.

9 Spades

 Again I am putting to work the powers of Cartomancy and looking once again at card meanings only to uncover that today’s card is a much more difficult one.
It advises and predicts of a time of more negativeness. You could undoubtedly experience a feeling of melancholy. These complications may be centered surrounding economic, emotionally charged and practical issues. The resolution is crystal clear.

Rise up above your complications. Make sure that you are well rested and regenerated fully. Face all concerns precisely and head on. Be brave and courageous. 

I advise you to disregard any sort of idiotic chatter over the next few days.

I additionally do not wish you to invest any time or precious vitality on self pity.

This is most certainly a period to stand firm, stand up and be remarkably unwavering in all issues.