Playing Card – 12th May

Todays Card is the 2 of Clubs ♣   This card shows that they will be in the very near future head on clashes and opposition regarding finance, wealth and its distribution. Discussions with partners and finance people seem to offer no real solutions. However you need to keep making effort to restore stability and […]

Playing Card – 10th May

Today’s Card is the Ace of Hearts ♥ The Ace of Hearts is undoubtedly one of my favourite cards. It is a card packed with a lot of hope and opportunity. It will associate with either your existing circumstance of forewarns of a new situation arising in the area of love and intimate relationships. Ace […]

Playing Card – 7th May

I have just returned from a weekend away with a local circus. The hospitality was indeed out of this world. So before retiring to my chamber I decided to choose today’s card and publish it significance. One of my favorite cards! Queen of Hearts Today’s Card is the Queen of Hearts ♥ The Queen of Hearts is […]

Playing Card – 5th May

Today’s Card is the King of Clubs ♣ Publishing the daily playing card across plenty of internet sites and networks I would undoubtedly wish to give my thanks to all the numerous people that have actually taken the time to remark upon the subject matter of the the readings. If a card can extend and […]

Playing Card – 25th April

Today’s Card is the 5 of Clubs ♣ With my candles lit and my spirits rejuvenated after an extremely good complete night of peaceful rest, I shuffled my pack of playing cards. My thoughts turn to how frequently I shuffle these old and dilapidated cards of fortune for my online card readings. For decades they […]

Playing Card – 24th April

Today’s Card is the 9 of Spades ♠ Even in the world of online readings we find issues and problems.  I offer no apology for publishing my reading today. Yes this is a free fortune telling reading. A basic general card of fortune to give you understanding of your day ahead and all that influences it. […]