Pythagoras CV

Pythagoras CV

Found a most amusing post on Apparently the CV of Pythagoras – most interesting for me as I certainly think of him as the Father of Numerology. I also agree he would do a better job than Clarkson! Click to view the Full Curriculum Vitae of Pythagoras.

Numerology Reading of Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan As a Master of Cartomancy I have always been engrossed in the strong power of divination by the power of playing cards. However, currently I have been studying the remarkable power of numerology. I have decided to take a closer look into its very power and force. I have been specifically fascinated with […]

Whats in a Number?

Recently I have been absolutely fascinated by the subject of numbers. I have been studying and reading all about the amazing power of numbers. My studies have confirmed that there is certainly something in it. From your date of birth, to the significance of your own name in numeric terms, right through to important dates, […]