The Answer Is Simple Oracle Cards

Today’s review is of a great little set of Oracle Cards called “The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards.”  The idea of these cards is they can provide a connection to the Divine, thus allowing the reader to give guidance, direction and advice to assist in any difficult challenge.  Allowing interesting direction for specific issues and problems, they can serve to strengthen the route to your Higher Self.

The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards - from Kooma Store
The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards – from Kooma Store
Product Testimonials:-
Shay – I saw these cards in a shop before purchasing on Kooma Store and I really love these cards. They are something that you just pick one a day and just see what the message is, some of them are reassuring, life changing and sometimes gives a telling off to your ego. beautifully designed and when I showed them to a friend she fell in love with them also and has bought them too.
Rob – I have used a pack of these cards before so i knew what to expect.They are a very good quality pack of cards,full size and waxed.they are supplied in a sturdy cardboard box with lid .also included is a small booklet for definition and spreads of the cards.The cards were well packaged and fast delivery.also much cheaper than the high street.If this is the kind of item your after you will not be disappointed.

Product Review:- Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling

Our colleagues from have asked us to do a review on one of their best selling products. Which of course we are naturally delighted to do.
This is a most fascinating set of cards. However rather than me writing many a word on their features and benefits; thought I would let them speak for themselves via this wonderful little clip:-





Totally delightful and if you do not want to take my word for it here are a few reviews from buyers of this lovely set:-

Don’t let the name turn you off..these cards are wonderful. I picked up a deck of these unique cards for my boyfriend a few months ago, and had to get my own set. They are square cards-each edge holds half of a beautifully done picture. Follow the instructions for laying the cards out, and see what pictures form. Then consult the well-written book, read the entry for those pictures in those specific positions and oila! You have your just done your own card reading. Very accurate. I read Tarot and Medicine Cards as well..this was a nice break from those. Easy to learn and read..these are great for anyone having trouble, frustrated, or just looking for a break from Tarot. I can’t say enough..they are enchanting, gorgeous cards, and they work wonderfully!

For the last three months I’ve been working with these cards, and did readings for a lot of my friends as well as myself. They are not only easy to use and accurate, they are very beautiful and it is a pleasure to find the matching pictures. We have had some great times reading the cards, although I had constantly to translate them into German. Since there are four positions with different meanings, I still find new aspects. Great fun, but be aware that it takes about half an hour for one reading.

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Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling set
Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling set