Romance in the Workplace

147039-office-romanceThis article is written further to a reading I had with Jasmina D. of Birmingham, who was stressed and worried about finding Love in of all places the workplace. Jasmina D is 32 years old and works long hours as a Recruitment Consultant. I know that things are indeed much brighter for her now, since she had her reading back in March. I hope that this article helps others as some of the advice discussed within it seem to help her.

There are many ways and places where you can meet someone special. These days, people really do work alot, and they spend too much of their time at the office trying to finish as much work as possible. There is not too much time to actually meet someone, and every person needs another individual to share their life, and all those wonderful small things. If you spend too much time at the office, then you know how that looks, and how tough that can be. Often, when you come home after a stressful day, you feel alone, and even desperate, because you simply don’t have enough time to meet that special person – a person who will make your life a much better place.

Romance in the workplace is nothing strange, and if that happened to you, don’t think it is a bad thing. Don’t feel guilty about it. Many people tend to criticise this, questioning what you will do if everything falls apart, because you and that person will be stuck in that same office together. Why think about the end? Why not look at things with a positive point of view? Who knows, maybe that colleague of yours is actually your soul mate. Maybe that person fulfills you spiritually, and finding such an individual is what matters the most. Someone may meet their soul mate in the grocery store, or right down the street. Others may meet that person online, or when visiting a restaurant with friends, and some will meet in the workplace, and romance will start.

When working with someone, you are spending a lot of time together, sharing interests, getting to know each other. It is a very slow, and wonderful process, where you both explore, and you may end up with a conclusion that you like each other. Monday mornings won’t be frustrating anymore. It will be full of joy, and they will certainly be different. Of course, it is always good advice to think it through. If you really like that person, and if you feel something special when he or she is around, you should definitely go for it. Rushing into any relationship, especially when it comes to romance in the workplace, is not a good idea, especially if you are doing that just because you feel lonely. Start the story for the right reasons. If you two understand each other, if it is not just a fling, and if you know deep inside that person is special, those reasons are right. Those reasons are worth of risk, and you should definitely follow your heart.

There are many relationships which have started in the office. There are many prejudices about them as well, since many people think such relationships are often only physical. Some of them probably are, but that depends on the individuals involved. If you are searching for romance, love, attention, devotion, and a spiritual connection that is what you will find. You should always be focused on the things which are important to you. Listening to advice provided by others is good, and often, a psychic reading can help as well. But, following your hearts is what counts the most. If you feel a connection with a person from your office, and if you started a relationship, even if everyone thinks it’s wrong, listen to what your heart says and go for it. As mentioned, when the reasons are right, be brave, and fight for it.


Valentine’s Love Reading

Along with this special day comes questions and thoughts about our relationships. If we are in one just where is it heading and if we are not in one, are we to enter into one anytime soon. Love matters are probably connected with something like 85% of all the cases that I study and spend time working on; looking to see if current negative situations are going to become more positive or indeed if someone is alone if they are going to bump into that special person. Whilst I personally cannot deliver you, your fairy story ending I can with some realism forecast details and issues surrounding your current situation and if you are heading into a relationship of significance within the coming weeks, months or this year. I am happy to read direct one to one via Skype or Phone or I can produce comprehensive Love Readings by Contact me by email or purchasing your Love Reading by booking a reading with me direct (Click Here).

Manual for the Repair of a Broken Heart

A dear friend of mine recently wrote to me after a very painful and traumatic breakup with his wife. I was very moved and touched by his long email that I have made the decision to post it on my blog, in the hope that it may well offer some comfort and hope for others experiencing the aged old trauma of Heartbreak. 

Manual for the Repair and Recovery of the Broken Heart
Manual for the Repair and Recovery of the Broken Heart

You two break up it does not matter who does it. You automatically panic and plunge into going after, begging, pleading, harassing, phoning, e-mailing, IMing, stalking okay not actually all of them, just pick out which just one you did. Most of us may likely do some things amid this phase that will make you wince any time you think back on it, say after about 3 months.

 You lose weight. You overlook yourself, your household, your job – how many hours do we spend logging onto a website regarding broken hearts or winning a loved one back even though we are at work? You drive your colleagues and family members crazy chatting regarding the break up. You sob at the drop of a hat. You can not even take in that your way of life may not again incorporate that precious man or woman. You start putting them on a pedestal, failing to remember all of the unpleasant things concerning them that used to drive you insane. In your mind’s eye, they have developed into supreme, all encompassing, all everything.

You persuade yourself that you are a loser who just screwed up a loving relationship with the greatest man or woman in the world. You UNDERSTAND without a doubt that you will at no time Ever In Your Life love like that again. You know no one else will come along who perhaps even comes close to being as remarkable as your lost love excuse me while I chuckle to myself here. You don a miserable face for the world to see and if you could see my work ID taken 2 days after my breakup, it’s just pitiful.

Broken and Heartbroken

 The lost love remains staunch in their denial to get back together. Several of them jump into new intimate relationships, right away being exclusive with a new individual. For those that do jump, they appear to just substitute you with a new copycat. All of the activities you two used to do, they now do with someone else. Bowling, caressing watching tv shows, motorbike riding, antiquing. No matter what you two did, most likely they will just commence doing those things with someone new.

 You hear about them and their new life. You are desperate for any smidgens of stories about their life. Many of us make things worse here by trying to use manipulation to get them back but they remain away from us like we are the plague.

 For those of us who do still have contact with our ex we commence selling ourselves short. Doing thick-headed things like allowing them access to our bodies and then getting upset and hurt afterwards when they remind us that Sexual activity does definitely not imply hope.

Tears of Heartbreak

 You, in additional panic mode, commence desperately browsing the internet using expressions such as break ups, divorce stopper, whatever. You find the odd website that offers hope and you go ahead and pay your hard earned money because you are curious and lo and behold, you find many other people in different phases of this whole breakup scenario. You voraciously read the posts. You look for information of those who captured their ex back. You’re on the website continually. You’ll read the books and think Ah I can easily do this. I can get this man or woman back. You kick off your zero contact and for some of us, this will get a reaction from our ex-mate. For the rest, no contact is and will carry on to be exactly what you’ll get.

 Time goes by. You’ll do some stupid things. You’ll call your ex when you ought not. You’ll telephone when you’ve had to much to consume. You’ll call even after everyone tells you not to. You’ll show up on their front doorstep, detesting yourself all the time.

 Then you’ll get serious about no contact. It’ll hurt, but you attempt to stick to it. Here’s the turning point for most. For people who have contact with their ex, your zero contact will either bring them sniffing curiously around or they’ll be someplace high fiving their friends praising the God’s that you haven’t called.

 Now’s the tough time. Absolutely nothing but time works. Everday the aching in your heart grows a little less. Bit by bit it dies down. Sometime this is a shock and you are even angry that you have started to loose your pain. But every single day it will get bit by bit better. You’ll have drawbacks. You’ll run into your ex lover coincidentally. You’ll run into mutual friends who’ll tell you a little something about your ex that’ll have you high-tailing it home for a good cry. You’ll see your ex with their new good friend. You’ll receive a phone call or an e-mail from your ex who doesn’t wish to be in a relationship but still would like to be friends.

 Here’s another important part. You need to genuinely sit down and honestly look back at the relationship and recognize what you did to aid with it’s demise. If you miss this aspect, you swallow all the torment for very little because you’ll be back here once again. This article is to educate you about you. To instruct you how to become a better loved one, a better man or woman. Neglecting that lesson is detrimental to the full process. It’s the REASON that you’re undergoing this. God or whatever your higher power is, necessitated you to discover something concerning YOU. Don’t miss out on the lesson.

Then one day you’ll smile because you didn’t immediately check your voice mail when you arrived in. And someday you’ll choose to spruce up the trash that has accumulated in your house. And one day you’ll go outdoors and accept to the cosmos that you surrender what control you thought you had.

 And someday you’ll make a decision to date again. And someday you’ll walk out on your very first date and it will probably be a fiasco. And then you’ll quite possibly force yourself to continue dating or you’ll decide that you aren’t ready to date but you are ready to be out among people again. And numerous of you will have some quick reconciliations with your ex lover. Many of us won’t. But one day, it won’t matter as much. For the reason that time will let you to catch yourself going minutes then hours without thinking of the ex-mate. And you’ll begin to be able to think about life potentially without that person and not dissolve into a quagmire of nothingness because of the thought.

 And for most of us, sorry to say, life will carry on without that mate. That’s the honest truth. Don’t desire to dash your aspirations but quite possibly less than 5 percent of the people reading this article go back with their friends. Serious isn’t it? But, as the article has advised, you need to acknowledge this before you can absolutely begin to regenerate. For the lucky few or possibly unfortunate one’s based on how much work it will take to retain a mate that has strayed back who get back with their ex-mate, many will discover that the paradise they pictured isn’t reality and just what they once imagined was gold has a specific tarnish to it now. But they stay and try and make it work due to the fact that it’s convenient or, if they are genuinely lucky, it’s meant to be.

 But for most of us. Life goes on. And someday you’ll find yourself having a gut breaking chuckle over one particular thing entirely moronic and you’ll think to yourself I am getting better. And ultimately thank The lord you’ll make love with some new partner and discover that a. if it wasn’t good, at least you did it or b. it was so much finer than with your ex you query why you lingered so long to get back out there. And you’ll realize you’re one the journey to recovery.

 I speculate what I’m striving to convey in this article is, while each situation is unique, the essentials of most of our situations are the same. Most of us will certainly endure at least something that I’ve scribed here. So, if someone tells you that time will help you get through it, have faith in them. When they inform you Trust me, it will certainly get better and you will definitely cease hurting before long, place confidence in them. And when they give you very good guidance that your head takes it but your heart turns down, take a second to ponder before you react.

 Don’t beat yourself up if you do one particular thing that you wished you hadn’t WE ALL DID AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER. Be kind to yourself. Be forgiving of yourself. And above all don’t forget that being happily single is an other option. Even if society is beating it into your head that you GOT TO have a companion, spend some time to mend prior to going back out there. There are plenty of exceptional people to dote on, but do not go back out there damaged, jaded about love, etc. Accept reality. Deal with the pain. Be taught the lesson. Actively try to get well. Do not forget the individual you were when you at the outset met your ex-mate and get that person back.

Broken Heart does not need to be all its Cracked up to be!