Meditation Techniques 101

© Chakra Nebula by Anaxsys Deviant Art
© Chakra Nebula by Anaxsys (Deviant Art)

Meditation Techniques 101 – To Harvest the Best from Life

Our modern day world is literally an attack on our senses. With so much to hear, see, smell, touch and taste, and with the break-neck pace of our routines, we often are so lost in ourselves that we forget our existence. Yes, it is a contradiction, but a fact nonetheless. The immense potential that our minds are capable of is weaned away by the day, simply because we cannot give it rest. Science has proven that our minds do not relax even we are asleep! This is why we hear so many people ‘burning-out’, reaching the limits of their creativity even before they are mid-way through life!

Our minds are forever buzzing with thoughts and are used to not being at rest. It is difficult to have a moment when we are just blank! The point when you are able to will your mind to be blank, even if for one second, is when you actually begin to relax it. And a relaxed mind is able to accomplish much more than what you would have ever imagined for yourself. Apart from various material successes, you start become one with the supreme divinity, as spiritual energy begins to flow freely through your unclogged mind.

Training the mind to rest can be a daunting task but can be achieved through consistent meditative practices. A few among these are mentioned below, which are beneficial for starters as well as advanced practitioners in search of spiritual nirvana.

Conscious breathing

We are all aware of breathing, aren’t we! It is the most vital of our involuntary actions. But are we really conscious of it? A breath is a life-force, and what better way is there to start meditation than through focusing your attention on this life force!

Select a time and place where you won’t be distracted. You can sit upright with your back straight and legs folded, or you can lie flat on your back. Close your eyes and inhale slowly through your nose. Then gradually exhale. Listen to your placid breathing pattern and focus only on the sound of your breath going in and out. Initially, you will get distracted by intruding thoughts that will take your focus away from the breathing. When this happens, simply refocus your attention on your breathing and continue. Start with a goal to keep your complete focus on your breath only for ten seconds at first, and then gradually increase to twenty, and so on. Do not get frustrated with yourself if you can’t focus for long periods at first! When you can do this for 15-20 minutes a day, you will notice amazing positive changes to the way you go about your daily interaction with the world.

Mantra Meditation
The science of sound is an established field of research, Each sound has a unique vibration that impacts both the mental and physical aspects of the body and can alter matter considerably. In meditation, a particular sound or a collection of sounds is termed a ‘mantra’. Traditional methods of mantra meditation use the sound strings of “aum”, “oo”, or “ahh”. These are considered to be powerful primal sounds whose vibrations work to enrich the spirit and impact the organs of the body.

For meditation with a mantra, sit comfortably in a quiet room and settle into silence. Inhale slowly and deeply. As you exhale, speak out the mantra in slow, deliberate syllables, extending the last consonant till your breath allows. Inhale again and repeat. In psychological terms, this is called ‘toning’ and is known to improve the brain’s efficiency.

Chakra Meditation
The Chakra meditation is an advanced meditation technique that has far reaching effects on the mind. Chakras refer to the seven spiritual energy centers located in the human body. Each chakra corresponds to a gland in the body’s endocrine system. The use of a mantra as you meditate on your chakras, can enhance the positive effects of this technique. Once the chakras are activated, a channel of divine energy opens up, and a powerful spiritual energy begins to flow through your body. This method can take you on your path to spiritual enlightenment.

Find a quiet location, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and absorb the silence. Gently focus your attention to the base of your spine. This is said to be the location of your root chakra. With your consciousness directed to the spot, recite the mantra, “aum!”. Continue repeating it while focused on the same spot. After a while, you should feel a warm sensation at the base of your spine. When this chakra is activated, the energy flowing through is believed to create a sense of stability, security and an enhanced instinct for survival.

Slowly begin to shift your attention upwards to your sacral chakra, located at your navel. Inhale deeply and exhale with “aum”. Feel the flow of energy from the root to the navel. Repeat until you feel the warm energy at the naval area. The energy here strengthens your passion and creativity.

From here, move gradually to the next chakra, located at your solar plexus. This chakra is responsible for personal power, strength, and determination.

Next, is your heart chakra located in the center of your chest. Meditate here with thoughts of unconditional love for all beings.

Move upwards from here to your throat, where the next chakra is located. Activation of this chakra enhances your ability to communicate with the material and spirit world.
The next chakra is your third eye, located between your eyebrows. Saying “aum” while focusing here can create a buzzing sensation on this spot. When you master the use of this chakra, it is said that you will open the door to infinite intelligence and enhanced intuition.

The final chakra is the crown, located on top of your head. This is where you feel your divine connection to the Supreme Being and all other living beings. You may also experience divine and pure consciousness.

When all of your chakras are activated, you become aligned with the divine and have the ability to reach into heightened dimensions of existence. These translate to clarity in thoughts, feelings and actions.

The above mentioned techniques are just a drop in the vast ocean of knowledge that exists in this realm of meditative techniques. Based on what you want to achieve, you can dive into these and discover spiritual riches that will enrich your life.

Count Marco is a qualified Reiki Practitioner (The Gnostic Centre – Leeds) and uses such techniques to enhance all his psychic readings.

Psychic in Denial – The Reluctant Messenger and Guide

notpsychic2I spoke to a fellow psychic some months ago and after some deep discussion we entered a debate together. She claimed not to be a gifted reader at all. She claims to hate every area of Spirituality; the people, the potions, the artwork, the ceremonies, the cards, totally everything. Privately she laughs about the whole thing, mocking everything in connection with anyone having any psychic abilities, dismissing it as total nonsense. claiming she only believes in herself and making money. She just needs money and plenty of it. She delivers many, many readings with great success. She advises and counsels people each day. She helps people on and on, with matters of Love and Relationships, money, career and life paths. She gives great comfort to many people. She told me that she is just telling people what she is thinking, on there given situation; however the information she provides she claims she only reads what she sees. Surely she would have no need to point this out, if she was only telling people what they want to hear?

She denies having any spiritual connection in any way – she totally rejects the notion of anyone having any ability to connect to something we define as Spiritual. As far as she is concerned she is cold reading – nothing more – nothing less to it. But much as she feels that she does not want to do any of it, she admits its the only thing that seems to produce good results.

No Psychic Ability?
No Psychic Ability?

So the question is, is she really just clever with her words and satisfying hers clients needs or is she actually really connecting with Spirit? I think that as readers we are called to “Service” so to speak, to do work that we have always been destined to do. Much as my fellow psychic denies it; I reiterate that it is my belief that she was always fated to give Service in this way, not just for her many satisfied clients but also as part of her own growth and development.

I believe even in this situation she has to show compassion and sensitivity. She is having to listen and guide. She is indeed giving a level of “Service” If she indeed did tell all her clients she was “making it up” they would flee. So she never does that. It is my belief that she is connecting regardless of what she believes. What she calls “Cold Reading” is actually her connecting with something higher. She thinks her information just comes in from her own mind, which I agree does – but I suggest that she is picking up all information from a higher source. I suggest she is actually connecting to something so much higher and Divine. She justifies doing all this work through the need to earn money and her ability to “Cold Read.” I personally think she is quite simply in denial, literally in the closet, so to speak. Deny as she does I am convinced she is picking up vibrations and information. In truth neither her clients or Spirit care how she defines it, providing that she continues to deliver the messages she is supposed to from whoever connects with her. And Connect with her clients she does; keeping the connection open to them long after the reading, encouraging them and guiding them. She claims of course this is best practice which it is in terms of business, but I also believe there are higher forces at work; allowing her to do the very work of Service, that she always was intended to do. She now helps change, alter and effect other people’s lives in a most positive way, hour by hour, day by day. I also believe in helping others, she helps heal herself.

On a final note powerful as her readings are and her guidance so very good, should the day come she ever truly believes and accepts the path she has been given, she will indeed not just deliver even stronger and more powerful messages, but she will find a new level of inner peace and harmony within herself. Because at that moment she truly becomes everything she was every supposed to be.

a beautiful passing

Called suddenly to our Mam’s hospital bedside one Saturday night, we all feared the worst. As we arrived on the hospital ward our worst fears were confirmed. Our dear and most Beautiful Mam would not be staying with us too much longer. She was in some distress and the Doctor was trying to find out what she wished for. All she could say was “no more.” Over and over “no more”. So he administered something to ease all suffering away, then allowing us all be together with her, confirming that her time was short.

We were all together our Dad and all my brothers, my sister was also there, in so many other ways. Her pain eased and she went into a gentle sleep. We touched her arms, we held her hand, we kissed her, we told her we loved her, so so very much. We thanked her for everything she had been and was to us. Dad spoke special private whispered words…for 45 minutes we sat with her, changing places to be near her one by one… assuring her, we were all okay and she could relax, sleep, worry no more. This was indeed Her Own “Special Time.” ….and then suddenly she slipped so very, gently and silently away into the night….somewhat breaking our hearts in the process; but we all were in no doubt it was her time. No more pain, no more suffering. This was entirely her own journey and how could we be so selfish to deny her this, this was indeed her own beautiful passing.

As nurses confirmed what we already knew, they brought us a tray of coffee’s and tea’s in. Mam seemed to be very with us, as she lay in front of us in her deep everlasting sleep. I could feel her watching us, feeling for us; but watching from above. We drank coffees and talked to her. Eventually we took breaks for fresh air and so forth, we consoled each other best we could. I could hear in my head and feel her in the room saying “Don’t go just yet, Don’t go.stay a little longer…” So we waited with her.

Then the nurse wanted to dress her into her nightgown…so we gave her privacy, leaving her alone. Once she had been dressed we were invited back in. As I walked in I could see, she did indeed look so peaceful. But her voice in my head now said “Its okay Son, now you can leave, go home, don’t worry, you can go now” I no longer felt her in the room. Truly, she was not there at all. I kissed her one more time, told her I loved her and left her giving her the privacy she had requested.

My reason for this posting is not to upset anyone, or trivialise the great pain we have all experienced (and still certainly do), as many of you will no doubt have, that have said Goodbye to a Loved one. But to point out that her passing in many ways was indeed beautiful. It was a passing fitting for her and everything she was. She made all of us, her children and our Dad, the cornerstone of her life. So it was fitting that we were all there to say a fond and loving farewell. Sometimes the whole thing feels like she scripted this final chapter of her life!

In those final 45 minutes, we all poured so much love towards her, the atmosphere in the room was filled with electricity, sadness and so so many thanks for a life so well lived. Heartbreaking as it was, for me it was one of the biggest blessings and privileges, that I have ever had.

God Bless You Dear Mam, we are all just managing to go through the motions of living at the moment, gentle steps..but we feel you with us, guiding us every step, just as you always did…and always will. x

Stop Being a Victim

And so HE was asked the Question:-

Q: Guruji, How do I come out of the victim consciousness, especially. when past memories refuse to leave?

A: The fact that you have realized this itself means you have come out of it. This is where the karma comes into the picture. Something happened in the past, it was to happen and so it happened. Accept the past and don’t brood over it, move on.

Suppose you have committed some mistake, you have insulted somebody and that person holds on to it for so long, even after you have asked for forgiveness from them a million times, what do you do if that person still doesn’t forgive you? Somebody has been wrong to you and you also have been wrong to someone. Don’t you seek forgiveness and move on? You don’t want someone to hold on to your mistakes for your whole life, isn’t it? If the person forgives you, moves on, understands your position, how do you feel? See the other person in the same way.

You being in victim consciousness and having rage and anger, does it help you any way to carry on your life? Absolutely not! Waste of time, waste of your potential and life. So we must forgive, forget and move on. You hurt someone in the past and somebody hurt you, that account is closed now. Finished! There was some problem that has to come, and that has come and our own foolishness made it happen. Now it is finished and move on. This is the line of thinking that you must adopt and that makes us feel better.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Celebrating Silence – Blame

I am currently studying and being inspired by some of the wonderful teachings of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and in helping me understand more about their meanings, I am posting them on here, with an explanation of how I am interpreting them. In this first article I was drawn to one on the subject of blame. A most emotive subject and difficult emotion to process at the best of times. Here is what he says:-

When someone blames you, what do you usually do? Blame them back or you put up resistance in yourself. When someone blames you, they actually take away some negative karma from you. If you understand this and don’t put up resistance and feel happy about it, then you drop your resistance. “Oh, good. That person is blaming me. Good. Something is going away.” And when you drop the resistance, your karma goes away. Do you see what I’m saying?

So when someone blames you and you put up resistance in your mind, and you don’t react, then you are not allowing them to take the negative karma. Outside you may resist, but inside if you don’t resist, and feel happy, “Oh, good, somebody is there to blame me and take some negative karma,” you will feel immediately lighter.

How does it feel to you when someone blames you? Do you feel some heaviness? Usually, when someone blames you, you feel hurt and you feel unhappy, you feel sad. This is all because you’re. resisting. That is it. What you resist, persists. The ignorant person tells someone, “Don’t blame me because it hurts me.”

An enlightened person also says “Don’t blame me.” Do you know why? Because it might hurt you. This is a beautiful point. What are the points? You get hurt because you resist the blame. When someone blames you, you resist it inside. Outside you may not resist, but inside when you resist, then that hurts you.

An ignorant person warns you, “You better not hurt me, you better not blame me because I will feel hurt.” Someone warns you not to blame them because it will hurt them and they’ll do something harmful to you out of revenge.

An enlightened person says “Don’t blame me because it will hurt you.” So here you say, don’t blame because of compassion. You can tell someone, don’t blame me out of compassion, or you can say it out of anger.
His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Braunlage, Germany Aug 10th 95

When we study Sri Sri’s teachings on blame, the main point is to appreciate that each time someone blames us, it is an opportunity for growth. I define growth as someone taking some negative karma from you. Realising that the person blaming you whilst taking the negative karma, from you is in fact also hurting himself.

To try and simplify how I interpret what Sri Sri is trying to teach us I have illustrated the above in this simple flow chart. I am happy to read any comments on here or privately to discover if others interpret it in similar way or can bring anything more to my attention. I love the flipside of changing things around making negative feelings feel so absolutely positive and powerful. I am not suggesting its the easiest way to react; however I believe that we become though this way of thinking more empowered and naturally more enlightened. It certainly cannot hurt us to try!

Acting on Blame - illustration to interpret the discussion regarding how to process Blame  (Siri Siri Ravi Shankar)
Acting on Blame – illustration to interpret the discussion regarding how to process Blame
(Siri Siri Ravi Shankar)

Oranum worth Checking Out.

Naturally I do not expect everyone to have a reading with Count Marco! Especially if you know me privately and personally, so I have been spending sometime checking out other Psychic Services and have found that Oranum certainly seem to be getting some incredible feedback. They do Live readings so you can actually see who you are reading with. (Similar to a reading with me via Skype). Prices are really competitive, so check them out and let me know.

Enigma – Soundtrack of My Life

I was reminded of these great clips by looking at one of my FB friends recent posts – Helen Demetriou (Helen Healer).  So I got to thinking I should make their amazing works the subject of my post today – they are all from Enigma – for a longtime it was the soundtrack of my life…enjoy! Thanks Helen for inspiring this post today!

I hope that you get pleasure from these moving clips!