Inside a Book of Shadows & a Simple Spell!

Count Marco Interviews Witch Florina Ofelia Albu Part Two
In the 2nd section of my talk with Florina Ofelia Albu I speak about in deeper detail exactly what she has scribed in her own unique Book of Shadows. Whilst she was satisfied to give out some of the contents, she was not prepared to satisfy me with an entire understanding of each and every page.

The very best way for me to make clear what we looked at together is for me to seperate it into two parts. Firstly my discoveries about her Book of Shadows and furthermore, share with you one of her most beneficial and most straightforward remarkable spells. So first I want to give you a better comprehension regarding The Book of Shadows.

The Book of Shadows.

The Book of Shadows is a Wiccan log that contains various items that a Witch may very much want in their practice of the Craft. For a Witch their Book of Shadows is their most essential form of record keeping. It registers their sacred journey in most cases containing any rutuals that they do including spellwork, aspirations and emotions. It is undoubtedly a full chronicle and documentation of all the numerous magical processeses and the consequences of their spellwork. It is in the end a comprehensive record of their everyday life as a Witch and the alchemy that they have created and observed. Each Witch or Coven preserves their very own Book of Shadows.

When a coven initiates an entrant the entrant will be asked to copy the Coven Book of Shadows, however most witches make a choice to create their very own Book of Shadows. This is a very unique and secret possession. In the past there is some argumentation and discussion on just how correct it is to say if having a Book of Shadows was certainly a major and significant part of being a practicing Witch. We can find no illustrations of Books of Shadows from historical times. Surely they could possibly still have retained them but possibly masqueraded them as something different to preserve them kept secret and continue being confidential.

Inside a Book of Shadows you can identify many things integrating; patterns, incantations, magic work, invocations, ritual patterns, predictions (tarot, cartomancy etc.) full moon rites, sabbats, chants, recipes, predictions and signs and everything else applied in the Witches personal practice of the Craft. A witch is at liberty to perform anything that they so wish with their Book of Shadows; they opt to enhance it anyway they wish. They can retain anything in it that they should so want. Some choose to produce it in runes. The name they decide on is absolutely up to them. This is completely individual expression of their works. You will learn some witches call it the Book of Illumination, Book of Enchantment or even the Book of Reflections. It is completely up to the personal witches decision.

At first a witch prior to deciding to design their Book of Shadows has to determine if they wish to buy a book to place their things in. Possibly they choose to make up a scrapbook or something else. Will it be handwritten or will it be typed. Personally she clarified she liked the handwritten method. I glanced through it and it all seemed very appealing and powerful. One of the things that did come up was the variation between a Book of Shadows and a Grimoire. The Book of Shadows is an individual log and record. They may also keep a different book that carries all the information that they may well use one day; this is filled with the Witches fact-finding and spells still to be cast, rituals etc.

I asked her if she would allow me to take down how she had organised her Book of Shadows. She said many do this by subject (spells, rituals etc), others do this by chronicle order or various chapters. I detected in hers she had in this type of format.

  • Principles and Magical Rules
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Dreams
  • Records of Prophecy
  • Spells and Incantations
  • Study
  • Rituals
  • Ceremonies

She also explained that at the end of every year she always reflected on the entire Book of Shadows and committed these finishing pages to her sensations and future aspirations.

She always closed by giving thanks to and blessing to all forces that helped her all throughout this year.

Primarily she chooses not to share her Book of Shadows, however, this again is the individual choice of the Witch.

And now a Spell …

And finally I requested her for one straightforward spell and listed here it is. Its main intention is for you to become more positive and more tuneful to what is around you, open to new options. Its primary aim is to clear you of all negative thoughts.

You shall need the following:

1 White-colored Candle
1 Black Candle
1 Green Candle
The White-colored candle is for Positive Energy.
The Black Candle is for Negative Energy.
The Green Candle is for Healing.

Clear your mind and Light the White Candle and say the following:

Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit; “I ask thee to Purify my body of all unfavorable potencies”.

Light the Black Candle and repeat the same words as before, then afterward Light the Green Candle and say the following; “Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit; I ask thee to Free and heal my body from all unfavorable forces. Blessed be !!”

You ought to do this in a very tranquil private environment perhaps a room where you will not be interrupted. When you have done this, unwind and unblock your mind for 15 minutes.

To release yourself of negative energy you need a bowl of water and the salt.

Sprinkle some salt on your altar cloth then say “I do bless this salt and make it fit for my rites. Blessed Be!”

Add salt to the water and hold up the bowl towards the sky.

Then say aloud “Let this dish be the recipient of all the negativity, to ensure I am cleansed and whole again”

Place the bowl back down dipping your fingers and thumbs of both your hands into the water and think of all the negativeness moving out of your body into your fingers and into the bowl. You will undoubtedly feel much lighter.

This task performed remove your hands shaking all drops of water off them into the bowl.

Throw away the contaminated water into the earth.

I hope that you delighted in this short piece discussing the miracle and wonder behind a Witches Book of Shadows.

Love Spells written by High Witch & Priestess Lenuta Dumitru – 1872 By: Zenia Zaccaro

This old Love Spell from 1872 was sent into me earlier today by Zenia Zaccaro.
I thought many of you would find it quite interesting, so I have posted it up here.
This is an old Love Spell copied from An old Book of Shadows written by High Witch & Priestess Lenuta Dumitru. She died apparently in 1893. It was translated about ten years ago by a Professor at Oxford University.
High Witch- Lenuta Dumitru – Her Book of Shadows

Here is the transcript by High Witch and Priestess Lenuta Dumitru from her Book of Shadows recorded in 1872.

She discusses Love Spells:-

This is my dependable writing dated 22nd June 1872.
Written to show the bewitching power to acquire the hearts desire of the one you adore, giving you power to make them under your hexing.

With our individual mystic strength which we all can bring into existence by using not just the chastity of our minds but also the force of Moon and Sun. With crystals, oils and incense, your precise invocation can evolve into your own actuality. These recipes and the particular spells passed down to me by many a generation. At my age of becoming grown to the mighty age of twelfth years, my gentle mother, herself gave me the skill and intuition in the knowledge and clairvoyancy of casting of magic spells.

She told to me that I would need not just actions and words but I would need to use materials. Curious as a cat, I did inquire her if they could absolutely work. She explained to me that many years afore my delivery she enslaved no other than my kind Papa in this very nature. Purity she assured me was everything. Cast a spell she told me is the easiest because you have such high cocksure hopes, whereas cast a spell to countermand the broken heart is not so easily done as it would be difficult to return focus your concentration for a beneficial effect.

Of course in actuality everybody can work such powers with Love Spells working on such greater realms and can cast such commanding and extraordinary love spells.

This is my simple love spell.

For the Love Spell You will need these things:

A red candle and a piece of paper or vellum

Procedure: Light up your candle. Then set down on your piece of parchment or piece of paper the intention of your Love Spell that you want to cast. It is imperative that as you scribe down your need and intention that you fully visualise and see it clearly manifesting. Then you must enfold the piece of paper or parchment, again take care to think about your very hope and what outcome it is that you are longing for.

Take the corner of your folded parchment or paper and then place it in the blaze of your red candle until it lights up. Again it is very crucial for you to keep meditating about the desires of your yearning. Please keep casting out your spell but accord your candle to then blaze on and on until it is totally burned away. Be sure to strew the ashes of your magic spell into the midnight air. If you later determine you do not itch for this wish anymore, simply retract the spell, determining and speaking out that you no longer wish for it.

This psychic thought force can be used with casting spells. Your Love Spell will come alive and start functioning straight away, as your parchment or paper burns. Then please be patient; many factors depend on how fast it shall work. Is your love status a complex case? are others peeping or becoming involved?

If your hearts desire has fallen out with great bitterness and will not allow for debate about your circumstances, it will take longer for you spell to penetrate. The magic all the same will work in the strangest of ways. They shall hallucinate of you. They will all of a sudden think of you and about you. They will walk unexpectedly without any anticipation or plan into your path. See coming the unpredictable. Dwell upon they may refuse to face up to actuality of the circumstances. Possibly they cannot even be honest to themselves. They may carry on to firmly disallow their feelings. They will declare if asked that they have no compassion, that you are in their history. However the magic is performing slowly, with might and main penetrating intent within their Soul. With such complex and inexplicable emotions working do not ever envisage swift results.

If all that happened was a small clash then the conclusion will be easier and faster.

On our own planet earth material world we have time and space however in the unseen world all times are the same past, present and future are indeed the alike. Remember also now and again as Magic is not an literal science and more of a craft sometimes love spells will founder. If a love spell does not work you still can have faith and trust.

At times a spell is cast more than once to make sure that as many problems can be covered. A spell cannot ever spring back, if it really cannot follow the instructions you have conveyed it will simply go astray.

It is not wrong to cast a Love Spell they are in fact extraordinary and warm intimate entities.

Positivity, Love and Light is what they are all about.


I trust that this will be of some interest – please do let me know the results of all your Magic Spells! Blessing to one and all!

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My Interview with Great Witch Florina Ofelia Albu

Great Witch Florina Ofelia Albu

I was delighted to meet with Great Witch Florina Ofelia Albu earlier this week for a frank and candid interview about her living her life as a practicing witch or Wicca in Lady Wood, Leyburn, North Yorkshire. This is part one of my two part transcript article.

This is the transcript of my recent interview with Witch or practicing Wicca Florina Ofelia Albu.

Count Marco: How long have you been practicing the magic of Wicca?

Florina: I started practicing and being affiliated in Wicca since about 1991, so nearly twenty years now.

Count Marco: What does being a Wiccan mean to you?

Florina: To understand my reply you would need have a better comprehension about the history of Wicca. Wicca is actually relatively newer in relation to the earliest theology. Its about reclaiming the ideology drawn from Irish, Greek, Roman and other various traditions blended in with Shamanism, Hoodoo, Ceremonial Magician, Mason and of course Witchcraft itself. In summary as a Wicca it means that I look to venerate the Earth, Sun and moon cycles. I personally do this via devotion of the God and Goddess and the assorted elements that make up Mother Earth – Gaia. We refer to this as the Wheel of the Year. All existence is sacred and I have a deep connection as a Wiccan to the very earth that we exist on. Part of my doctrine is that I practice the Divine Art of Magic. One of the main differences is that we do not have the clergy; all of us as Wiccans are active as priestesses and priests. Aligning ourselves with the contrasting cycles of the earth, the moon, and the earth as a satellite of the Sun. By this we are permitted to evolve just as everything else does. We try to learn lessons that we can advance ourselves in this life as part of our evolving progression.

Count Marco: What about reincarnation?

Florina: Yes, we do hold a distinct acceptance that when this cycle of our evolvement is achieved we will actually return and master new important lessons in our future lives.

Count Marco: Where do you worship and in what sort of sanctuary or church?

Florina: We worship regularly in many sorts of organisations. For example we have Covens; when we join in a Coven it is a structured setting and usually in a property that allows us the come all together not just in glorification but also for educating ourselves. Smaller groups brought together in local communities are titled Circles. In this setting they practice with regard to what the actual community needs; it may be agricultural or ritual study or the further empowerment of woman. We also have family traditions which are practiced from generation to generation. Each clan does this in their own exclusive way, with their own rites and practices. Also in addition to the above we have another common practice – this is named The Solitary. Occasionally practiced alone or in really small gatherings of no more that two or three Wiccans. Usually celebrating on holidays which we call Sabbats, sometimes in groups but usually in private.

Count Marco: How can someone become a Wiccan?

Florina: If you wanted to become a Wiccan all you would need to do is to accept to be one. Quite often people say that just calling yourself a witch doesn’t make you one, however just being one does. The choice is clear; honor the earth, Sun and moon and all its cycles. By honouring this magnificent connection we do so to enlighten and richen our development and meaning. So in reality to become a Wiccan depends actually on how you undertake it and with who you do so. Covens do have initiations, degrees, sponsorship and ordination of various clergy. Usually you spend one year and a day on each level training and understanding the way of that particular course. It is not a secretive group, we are just very private. In some ways churches embrace similar levels of standards but also require adherence to the church. Clergy can take different degrees. Most though are more open and in the free domain. In smaller groups you may find that the have basic initiations ceremonies. The clergy is most often held by group permission. This is completed in the role of one of the Elders. However its my belief that Solitary is the most blessed requirement. Just a simple glorification from yourself to the Gods is required.

Count Marco: How can someone become a Wiccan? What religion were you raised up in? Did you ever practice another faith?

Florina: I was raised an practiced as a Catholic, I went to Catholic schools and had communion and confirmation. Over the years I looked to find carefully which faith could move me. I did briefly attend Jehovah Witness, Seven Day Adventist, variety of non-denominational Christian churches. I had the good fortune to attend magnificent ceremonies and rites at Jewish, Hindu and Islamic events. This is how I was brought onto the my present path.

Count Marco: Which day in the week is the Sabbath for you?

Florina: In Wicca there is no specific day of the week that we call “Sabbath”. We do not have any particular day that we refer to as Sabbath as we hold each and every day sacred.

Count Marco: What do you think the main differences between Wicca and other religions?

Florina: I think that there is a common fiber that connects all religions. There are times however when our differences stand out to a greater extent than other times. We do embrace the reclamation’s of a lot different pagan traditions and followings throughout the world and from all times. In the main our holy days follow the actual cycles of the earth as it gyrates around the sun. That is why we enjoy an agricultural attitude within our religion. All of us separately execute magic rites. There is no particularly anointed clergy that is an authority or speaks in the name of the Gods. Reincarnation is very much part of our understanding, similar the the understandings of Eastern practices it is more lesson orientated. We do not imagine that our path is the only true or best way to practice. We do not surmise that there is just one way to practice. We powerfully think that religion evolves just as our planet and all of us, on it do. Even though we try to find a more certain reclamation of our past traditions we feel certain that in honesty we are humans and therefore the only true path is the one that each of us walks personally.

Count Marco: Is there a rule book or a bible that you follow?

Florina: We have no book; nothing was handed down from prehistoric woman or man. Neither do we have any prophet that spoke to the Almighty Divine. Any or most of our history has been eradicated in times of fear and panic. We refer to these times as the Burning Times. Different Wiccan’s have journals and books that are filled with, Sabbats, rituals, esbats, spells, writings and various pertinent instruction; recipe books, grimoires and of course the name that people usually know; The Book of Shadows. Each individual Wiccan has their own private Book of Shadows that they record throughout their own existence with illumination including the Coven, Circle, Church or teacher that coached them the way. This is a most intimate, confidential and valuable possession to a Wiccan. However it is the beliefs, the practices that go into the book that are of the greater importance.

Count Marco: Who is your God?

Florina: We actually have plenty names for all our Gods. We have for example The Goddess and God. We also have the Lady & the Lord and the Father & Mother. Other names would be based on and be more specific akin to the tradition that the individual Wicca follows. There are Greek, Roman and Celt Gods and many more. This is a very intimate and individual choice. We do know that all the Goddess and God but they have exceptional distinctive aspects. For me I follow my Lord Bacchus who is the Lord God of Wine and Merriment. He is special to me, he relates to the light and dark side to me, absolutely experiencing life in the fullest. My Lady is a three fold Goddess named The Fates. These wise woman continually enlighten and lead me how to evaluate my actions as well as achieve different milestones, that I have to run into as I walk my path. They are the wise women, who constantly teach me to balance my actions and achieve milestones, that I must meet on my pathway.

Count Marco: Do men and women have equality in your religion and can woman hold leadership positions?

Florina: Just like our Divinity which hold duality, equality is certainly the way of Wiccans. Women and men hold equality in Wicca and can reach any authority position they desire. In every woman and every man there are qualities of both masculine and feminine. Historically the women quite often held positions of power due the very fertility of their gender. This is certainly a most cherished and sacred blessing. Lots of our various rites do represent God as the hunter who brings rebirth to us via death. But as I described previously to you, Wicca is an unceasingly developing modus operandi and function. As our society has taken the many-sided aspects of the contrasting roles of woman and men, so has our very belief as Wiccans grown. Lots of woman groups exist now that have high priestess but no actual male priest. Some homosexual and lesbian groups now have high priestess positions held by woman and naturally vice versa. The essential point to recognize here is that it absolutely is nothing to do with your gender, but more to do with the actual hearing within the individual.

Count Marco: Now I would like to discuss in more detail various rites of initiation and the different magic rites that you perform. I am also particular interested to discuss what type of things you have included in your own personal Book of Shadows.

Florina: Certainly I would be delighted.

to be continued…..

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