Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy Launched

Finally after the last few years of working on my Card’s of Cartomancy I am delighted to finally bring them to market. I have done short runs in the past, but never been totally happy with them. Now however I feel that this latest version is something that I can be proud of. These are cards that I work with on a regular basis. Each pack is individual to the buyer. So if you decide to order a set, your own chosen name will be annotated upon them.

There are two designs on the card, again on placing your order you can choose your preferred design.

The Deck of Card comes with two Spiritual Dice, that you will be taught how to use them within your readings. The cards themselves are covered with astrological,  numerological symbology. The cards also feature the relevant symbols of the Elements.cm3

Each pack come with a full instruction manual, that provides clear and concise information on how to maximise the powerful potential of these wonderful Cards of Divination. All is delivered inside a velvet type bag for you to keep them safely in.
I look forward to receiving your feedback on these unique and most original Cards.
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