Getting Started – Am I Really a Count?

So let me begin. My name is Count Marco. The first thing you may ask is “Are you really a Count?” Well all I can say is in myself I have always believed this to be the case. I am not actually into Dracula or anything remotely gothic. My father is Italian and I have always felt at home when returning to Italy. But for many years I have just felt comfortable calling myself Count Marco, yes its even on my driving licence! Perhaps its a past life coming through..who knows… but there we have it.

It fits in very well with my role as a Master of Cartomancy. I have read the Playing Cards for around 15 years now. Initially it was something to do with family and friends. But as I did more and more readings I realised that they really were incredibly accurate. So I started to use my reading to help other people, many subjects can be covered in a reading. But more often than not people have a great interest to find out what is happening romantically.

I also think that a Pack of Playing Cards is something very wonderful and curious. In forthcoming blog posts I am going to discuss the History of Cartomancy, the History of the Playing Cards – and yes they are in fact much older than Tarot Cards. Next time I hope to introduce you to one of my favourite producers of Playing Cards in recent years Ana Cortez – the artwork on each card is absolutely outstanding. Until next time – my blessings upon you.

>>Messages from Irish Ancestors.

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