Inside a Book of Shadows & a Simple Spell!

Count Marco Interviews Witch Florina Ofelia Albu Part Two
In the 2nd section of my talk with Florina Ofelia Albu I speak about in deeper detail exactly what she has scribed in her own unique Book of Shadows. Whilst she was satisfied to give out some of the contents, she was not prepared to satisfy me with an entire understanding of each and every page.

The very best way for me to make clear what we looked at together is for me to seperate it into two parts. Firstly my discoveries about her Book of Shadows and furthermore, share with you one of her most beneficial and most straightforward remarkable spells. So first I want to give you a better comprehension regarding The Book of Shadows.

The Book of Shadows.

The Book of Shadows is a Wiccan log that contains various items that a Witch may very much want in their practice of the Craft. For a Witch their Book of Shadows is their most essential form of record keeping. It registers their sacred journey in most cases containing any rutuals that they do including spellwork, aspirations and emotions. It is undoubtedly a full chronicle and documentation of all the numerous magical processeses and the consequences of their spellwork. It is in the end a comprehensive record of their everyday life as a Witch and the alchemy that they have created and observed. Each Witch or Coven preserves their very own Book of Shadows.

When a coven initiates an entrant the entrant will be asked to copy the Coven Book of Shadows, however most witches make a choice to create their very own Book of Shadows. This is a very unique and secret possession. In the past there is some argumentation and discussion on just how correct it is to say if having a Book of Shadows was certainly a major and significant part of being a practicing Witch. We can find no illustrations of Books of Shadows from historical times. Surely they could possibly still have retained them but possibly masqueraded them as something different to preserve them kept secret and continue being confidential.

Inside a Book of Shadows you can identify many things integrating; patterns, incantations, magic work, invocations, ritual patterns, predictions (tarot, cartomancy etc.) full moon rites, sabbats, chants, recipes, predictions and signs and everything else applied in the Witches personal practice of the Craft. A witch is at liberty to perform anything that they so wish with their Book of Shadows; they opt to enhance it anyway they wish. They can retain anything in it that they should so want. Some choose to produce it in runes. The name they decide on is absolutely up to them. This is completely individual expression of their works. You will learn some witches call it the Book of Illumination, Book of Enchantment or even the Book of Reflections. It is completely up to the personal witches decision.

At first a witch prior to deciding to design their Book of Shadows has to determine if they wish to buy a book to place their things in. Possibly they choose to make up a scrapbook or something else. Will it be handwritten or will it be typed. Personally she clarified she liked the handwritten method. I glanced through it and it all seemed very appealing and powerful. One of the things that did come up was the variation between a Book of Shadows and a Grimoire. The Book of Shadows is an individual log and record. They may also keep a different book that carries all the information that they may well use one day; this is filled with the Witches fact-finding and spells still to be cast, rituals etc.

I asked her if she would allow me to take down how she had organised her Book of Shadows. She said many do this by subject (spells, rituals etc), others do this by chronicle order or various chapters. I detected in hers she had in this type of format.

  • Principles and Magical Rules
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Dreams
  • Records of Prophecy
  • Spells and Incantations
  • Study
  • Rituals
  • Ceremonies

She also explained that at the end of every year she always reflected on the entire Book of Shadows and committed these finishing pages to her sensations and future aspirations.

She always closed by giving thanks to and blessing to all forces that helped her all throughout this year.

Primarily she chooses not to share her Book of Shadows, however, this again is the individual choice of the Witch.

And now a Spell …

And finally I requested her for one straightforward spell and listed here it is. Its main intention is for you to become more positive and more tuneful to what is around you, open to new options. Its primary aim is to clear you of all negative thoughts.

You shall need the following:

1 White-colored Candle
1 Black Candle
1 Green Candle
The White-colored candle is for Positive Energy.
The Black Candle is for Negative Energy.
The Green Candle is for Healing.

Clear your mind and Light the White Candle and say the following:

Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit; “I ask thee to Purify my body of all unfavorable potencies”.

Light the Black Candle and repeat the same words as before, then afterward Light the Green Candle and say the following; “Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit; I ask thee to Free and heal my body from all unfavorable forces. Blessed be !!”

You ought to do this in a very tranquil private environment perhaps a room where you will not be interrupted. When you have done this, unwind and unblock your mind for 15 minutes.

To release yourself of negative energy you need a bowl of water and the salt.

Sprinkle some salt on your altar cloth then say “I do bless this salt and make it fit for my rites. Blessed Be!”

Add salt to the water and hold up the bowl towards the sky.

Then say aloud “Let this dish be the recipient of all the negativity, to ensure I am cleansed and whole again”

Place the bowl back down dipping your fingers and thumbs of both your hands into the water and think of all the negativeness moving out of your body into your fingers and into the bowl. You will undoubtedly feel much lighter.

This task performed remove your hands shaking all drops of water off them into the bowl.

Throw away the contaminated water into the earth.

I hope that you delighted in this short piece discussing the miracle and wonder behind a Witches Book of Shadows.

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