Its been a long time….

It has been quite some time since I updated my blog; perhaps it was writers block, perhaps it was just been to busy with the very act of living that I could not get back on here to connect with everyone…But now I am indeed back..what is changed and what has been happening you may well ask…

I have finally managed my Reiki Healing Level One, this was a wonderful experience and I am excited about sharing this with many of you. I have already found it is benefiting me in so many more ways.

I have also finally done a “Soft Launch” of my Playing Cards of Cartomancy; an original system of fortune telling using the Powers of the Deck of Cards. I have put together a short instruction manual. I am sure that they will be available for general release either direct from me or via Amazon etc.

I have also been busy delivering some Psychic Development Seminars, one on one sessions which have proved really significant, not just for advancement of my clients but also myself. I find through my teachings I am indeed taught so much more.

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