Playing Card – 10th May

Today’s Card is the Ace of Hearts
The Ace of Hearts is undoubtedly one of my favourite cards. It is a card packed with a lot of hope and opportunity. It will associate with either your existing circumstance of forewarns of a new situation arising in the area of love and intimate relationships.

Ace of Heartsd

I see great fulfillment born from a new or ongoing relationship. This might be a completely new intimacy or it could indicate the reunion of a previous partner, sacrificed passion or an acquaintance arriving back but in a different footing.

Regardless of the relation; there is undoubtedly out of this world sexual and physical chemistry present in this alliance. The experiencing of an incredible accumulation of unresolved sexual tension will be an indicator of who this concerns. I furthermore, can spy exceptional mental affinity amongst both people. These two definitely will undoubtedly burn the night oil talking and talking till the darkest hours of night.

This can develop into all that their hearts wants. It is undeniably the card of fate and destiny. Certainly there can be no escape; these two are predestined to connect. They are predestined to be just one. I see much feasting, drinking, festivity and emotional happiness. This is the card of Romeo and Juliet, it is the card of romance and lovers. It is laded with just so much sentiment, lovemaking and exhilaration.

The unison is so particularly intoxicating. It will be an absolute inevitability for these two to rejoice in strong embraces, cherished kisses, the most intimate of love making. They are to experience delirium at the highest possible level. Many have even suggested it can possibly be similar to out of body experiences. They become spiritually harmonic and well balanced. Each provides what the other frantically yearns. Each obtains something so fierce and powerful it knows no restrain. Physically and emotionally they meld into one congregation and one soul.

They can and will probably invoke such amount of inner peace and tranquillity. Life truly will definitely never ever be the same again.

Perhaps you have already experienced this coming together, in which this card tells you to look again at your situation and appreciate the gift bestowed upon you. Or if you have not yet come across this level of communion, be readied; open up and ask the Divine to exhibit and bestow to you this benefaction so private and priceless. Blessed Be.

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