Playing Card – 12th May

Todays Card is the 2 of Clubs ♣

This card shows that they will be in the very near future head on clashes and opposition regarding finance, wealth and its distribution. Discussions with partners and finance people seem to offer no real solutions. However you need to keep making effort to restore stability and find solutions to your situation. Eventually balance will be restored, until this happens keep your eye on the ball so to speak.

Circumstances will bring on uncertainty. In practical terms whilst money issues may be a worry there is no real fear for the future. You may consider joining forces with someone, but this will not probably be likely so you may find it better to go alone.

In some areas joining forces seems a good idea as the responsibilities and risks are shared. The downside is that you also will have more restraint on your endeavours. This is not the best time to launch new projects. Wait to move forward, this more difficult path will pass.

A good balanced philosophy of selflessness and compassion is necessary at this time.

Because this is a time of opposing influences quite often it turns out to be more positive and beneficial as it lessens the urge to spend on non essential items. You will find yourself unable to make positive decisions, however this again helps to prevent you from making incorrect or rash decisions.

Stand and wait for the next phase to arrive, it will not be too long in arriving.

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About the author : Count Marco