Playing Card – 15th April

3 Hearts
3 Hearts

Today’s Card – 15th April 2012 is the 3 of Hearts 

The playing card that I have dealt today is the 3 of Hearts. The aforementioned offers a strong warning of situations that are occurring over the next week. It suggests that you will most likely feel yourself coming to be alot even more emotionally stable.

You seem to be identifying and pinpointing that you have a new steadiness within you. This is because you are without a doubt starting a new episode in some facet of your life. It is in reality a rebirth and you really should accept this.

You will likely feel romantically charged and more passionately in tune with others.

Your life will most likely seem significantly much simpler and happier.

A new faith may appear to be emitting from you. With a spring in your step and a smile on your face you are certainly illuminating much more vibrantly, so look forward to others to picking up upon this, and find you even more attractive than they normally do.

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