Playing Card – 16th April

Today 16th April 2012 I chose today’s Playing Card – It is the 3 of Diamonds

3 Diamonds
3 Diamonds

 This reveals the fact to me that you will probably be presented with all or nothing at all circumstances. This is regarding home, employment and   actually all partnerships. In connection to pretty much any partnership that this card refers regarding your life I recommend and very highly recommend that both parties now or in the very near future give one another a clear inkling of their objectives. They really should both feel free to speak with open and candid heart.

This card also warns that a skeleton in cupboard will in a short time be brought out into open. This will likely be most unforeseen for all in question.

You may also get wind of news of a liaison, two people falling in love. They will likely encounter or have met with an amount opposition.

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