Playing Card – 16th May

Today’s card is the Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts

In some area, in some degree, in some way this man will probably feature or come into your mind over the next few days. Look for him, introduce him to your mind, uncover him your life.

This is a man who is commonly between twenty and thirty five years old. He is typically very boyish in looks and appearance. He in most cases is of light complexion, good looking and will always look really good for his years. Even as he grows older, people will certainly always imagine him to be of a substantial younger age. He holds his youth in all areas including his young approach to everyday life.

This man is easy going and well-received with work associates, friends and loved ones. Individuals warm to his hospitable disposition. They love to have him around. He boosts people’s self-confidence and energy level. He is the feel good factor in any working team or organization. He can be relied on to bring out the best in people in any given scenario.

This is a kind man and in a few areas is to some extent naive. Even when he becomes a more skilled Jack of Hearts he holds onto his sense of inherent naivety. He is pleasing and of sociable predisposition. He is a kind and sincere soul with a full heart.

The Jack of Hearts does without a doubt likes to keep busy. He is a man that gets bored so very easily. He will have many pursuits.

He is filled with libido and vivacity and he certainly takes joy in this facet of his life to the fullest. He is a very pleasure loving fella who takes joy in offering and obtaining satisfaction. He adores to get a kick out of new and entertaining new experiences at all levels.


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