Playing Card – 18th April

Today’s card is the 8 of Hearts
Today the heavens opened up as I started to mediate on today/s card. It has poured and rained and never been so very wet, in so many days.Whilst I am somewhat chilled today’s card certainly gives me some level of warmth and satisfaction.

8 Hearts

 This proposes that in some area of your life you will encounter, or be given the option of great tranquility or stinging dissatisfaction. It will definitely be positively, an all or pretty much nothing position.

Presume, to have to make a terminating choice about a certain situation.

If this relates to friendships or a partnership that is not functioning, it will need to now stop or alter in some serious way. You nevertheless must continue being positive.

In yet another facet of your dealings you will have to have to turn a blind eye to a situation. You will also be letting up on and forgetting a particular disagreement. You will probably now see much more precisely a different side to a situation.

This is a time when you must seriously be very patient.

You will discover news about a friendship moving to a more significant degree. A friendship turns now to love with a new degree of intimacy being appreciated by both parties. There will be jubilating, overindulging, drinking and appreciating their all new situation to the fullest.

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