Playing Card – 23rd April

Today’s Card is the 10 of Diamonds
I would like to offer my sincere apology for the absence of card readings in the last five days – this has been due to the fact that I was called away on some urgent business regarding a new School of Cartomancy that I am involved in over in Southern Italy.  Anyway lets get back to business. Here is today’s Daily Playing Card.

10 Diamonds

This day, this week, this time will prevail as a turning point in career, employment and business interests. Expect and prepare yourself to experience travel relevant to work and career matters. No matter what you carry out in work and career you will at this time discover that you greatly enjoy just what you are doing. You will experience more pleasure than you have possibly done in a very long time.

Now you need to prepare and be ready. You need to take action on vital plans. You will be receiving very important communications that will need your immediate attention. These communications will come to you via letter, email message and phone. Prepare. This is the start of a time when you will be very busy and there will be lots of movement and activity in your life. There is now to be great movement within your life. It is certainly a time to progress forward.

In the following seven days perhaps you or an individual close to you will declare or commence planning to go forward with a change of residence. This will be exceedingly beneficial for all concerned.

Do not be surprised if you learn that someone is concerned or tackling a legacy in some shape or form.

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