Playing Card – 24th April

Today’s Card is the 9 of Spades
Even in the world of online readings we find issues and problems.  I offer no apology for publishing my reading today. Yes this is a free fortune telling reading. A basic general card of fortune to give you understanding of your day ahead and all that influences it. So I happily publish the more difficult news that I see and read within the fortune cards as many call them. So that you can be prepared and fight back, and minimize the difficulties offered within the very vibration of this card.

9 Spades

 Again I am putting to work the powers of Cartomancy and looking once again at card meanings only to uncover that today’s card is a much more difficult one.
It advises and predicts of a time of more negativeness. You could undoubtedly experience a feeling of melancholy. These complications may be centered surrounding economic, emotionally charged and practical issues. The resolution is crystal clear.

Rise up above your complications. Make sure that you are well rested and regenerated fully. Face all concerns precisely and head on. Be brave and courageous. 

I advise you to disregard any sort of idiotic chatter over the next few days.

I additionally do not wish you to invest any time or precious vitality on self pity.

This is most certainly a period to stand firm, stand up and be remarkably unwavering in all issues.


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About the author : Count Marco