Playing Card – 4th May

Today’s Card is the 5 of Clubs

5 Clubs

I am sorry for the absence of daily playing card readings – This has been due the fact that I needed to fly at short notice to a very obscure part of the globe to offer help to an old family friend. I came back last night so am right now going to continue my best to bring you your day to day feed of Daily Playing Card readings.

So today’s Card I find is an exceedingly interesting state of affairs as today’s card is the duplicate as the card I drew earlier on the 25th April 2012.

So first of all Spirit advisers me to tell you certainly there is a message within this. Either/or when I at the outset revealed that card, it did not actually resonate with you and Spirit would like you to think again. Or if it did resonate with you then it would like you to look even closer amongst the significance of it.

So I shall now give more specifications on its significance.

The card initially connects to concerns of cash and working to a much more suitable possible future. You are truly going towards a much brighter long term future in terms of financial affairs. So you have to pay attention to more options that are presently open to you, or look out and identify them when they are made available to you.

more cash and coins

Really try to think outside the box on this topic. Is there some aspiration in your head of a new way to bring cash in? Is there a new job or business opportunity that you keep discarding yourself. Do you have a natural talent that really can be made use of to generate more money? Sit and reflect on this. Ask the Divine to show you the things you desire to identify to be able to take the imperative action and enrich your circumstances in terms of financial stability. If any of this resonates with you then the indicated card has been drawn out with you in mind. On the grounds that its the second time its been drawn out in the week, Spirit certainly is shouting to get your attention, so please sit up, give heed to and most of all commence reacting today!

The 2nd message in this card is one concerning planning and organization. With perfect preparation you can attain near perfect results. You should address how organised you presently are.

planning and organising

Could possibly your be arrangements be stronger and more straightforward. Are you as organised as you would like to be? Which area’s in your life show the highest amount of disorder? Exactly what can you do to change this? You might need to sit down with a full pot of coffee and a write down all that you would like to obtain in the following couple of months and exactly what you have to do to achieve success. Its a time for pondering, planning and the administration of plans.


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