Playing Card – 5th May

Today’s Card is the King of Clubs ♣
Publishing the daily playing card across plenty of internet sites and networks I would undoubtedly wish to give my thanks to all the numerous people that have actually taken the time to remark upon the subject matter of the the readings. If a card can extend and help merely one man or woman then I feel my hard work is valuable.

Listed here are just a few of the opinions that I have been given over the last week or so:-

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 So now on with today’s card. Yes it is the King of Clubs 

King of Clubs

Lets have a look at the significance of this very interesting card.

The King of Clubs represents a Male Figure. In some way he will feature in your life. You will reach out to him or he may reach out to you. Contact and communication with this individual will serve you both at some level.

So lets look at this man in more detail.

He is a very experienced man and you will recognise him because of his notable success with finance. He has many material assets; so you would expect him to have a good home, nice car and all the extra trimmings associated with a man of his success. Quite often the King of Clubs is a collector of antiques or valuables. Single minded in all his dealings, this is a man that knows his own mind.

He will come across as being very full of life. He has great amounts of sexual vitality. In his day to day dealings many people seek his advice, colleagues, friends and family members rely upon him to give counsel and guidance.

He never ever quits on projects or people. He perseveres in all matters and is in most incidents very successful. He is rich in experience in so many things, business, travel and even relationships. This is a man who attracts money and the trappings of wealth. He is clever and professional in all his dealings.

So if you recognise this man within your life ask yourself, where does he stand within it at this moment. Are you in regular contact? Is there any unfinished business between you? Look within to be guided if Spirit indicates who this is and what it means.



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