Playing Card – 7th May

I have just returned from a weekend away with a local circus. The hospitality was indeed out of this world. So before retiring to my chamber I decided to choose today’s card and publish it significance. One of my favorite cards!

Queen of Hearts

Today’s Card is the Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is certainly a remarkably special Woman. Take care to observe if this lady is in your life, do you see her? Do you know her? Is it you?

This is the Lover of all woman. A woman that has to have love in her life and needs to impart love upon all that are close to her.

 She is the classical bashful bride loaded with domestic aptitude. She can and typically creates a home from absolutely very little, she is a natural nest builder. From a very early age one of her particular concerns and motivations is to create a secure harborage where she can be guarded. Where she can be loved and love, where she can make her wonderful love.

She is a ready made mother, even in the absence of children in her life she is the “mother” of everyone. Ever nurturing, ever giving and in all areas the very personage of motherhood.

Her home is welcoming and a shelter for all that pass by and within it. In the kitchen area she has a natural style and typically holds a full store room. She is a mistress of the home.

In intimacy she knows no restraints, she gives one hundred percent. She delivers in physical terms as she carries out in all other areas of her life, without impediment, in the absence of compromise. She lusts to hand out as much as she can receive. She is the profusion of womanly sexuality; bringing heat and euphoria, intensity and ecstasy to the coldest of beds.

Queen of the Bedroom

With a competence to soften even the coldest of lovers. In love making she teems with compassion, imagination and a dexterity to get to the optimum dominions of rhapsody. She can not be offended and she is available to all degrees and aspects inside the seclusion of her bedchamber. It develops into its own private world of utopia, gratification, ravishment and laughter.

This is a most imaginative woman. In all aspects of her life, from interior decoration by using to deciding the ideal kind of Christmas card or birthday card. She taps in to her own individual sense of inventiveness in all issues of creativity.

She has inner contentment as she understands her own route from such an early age. She is a warm hearted personality with a strong psychic capacity. A trustworthy friend who naturally gives motherly advice to all that come across her. Resolute and protective to the very end.

 Seek the Queen of Hearts in your life today and reach out to her and allow her to bestow some of her benefactions and magic upon you. If you are the Queen of Hearts recognize the power that you hold inside you. Look to unleash and award it to all around you. Celebrate the beauty and magic of your Spirit and essence.



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