Playing Card of the Week – 4 Clubs

I took a card to see the vibration for the forthcoming week. It was the Four of Clubs. 4clubsFor those of you born under one of the Air Signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini) this card will be even more relevant to your situation. You will need to accept that sometimes you need to just stop and relax. First thing first – a priority this week must be that you recharge your battery. Recently you have had demands coming in from just about everywhere. So please, stop fighting it, give in and relax!

You will in this next week be surprised in a very pleasant way. You are to receive some good news. It will give you a good reason to celebrate.

An idea that you have been working on will start now to take form. Someone that you already know is going to spur you on to take action.

A secret is to be revealed. You may look and think differently about someone after this secret comes out. It will not be a destructive revelation, just a most curious and interesting one.

Consider and contemplate on your thoughts and ideas this week. Expect to be communicating some of them to other sources. This will generate a most interesting dilemma. Face it with logic and be guided accordingly.

The White Feather
Whilst walking my dog Roxy, I observed a white feather, falling down onto the footpath in front of me. It was whilst walking in deep thought I experienced this. So I urge you when you see a white feather this week featherput aside thoughts that it is random and that obviously feathers fall around us all the time. Yes they do, but we only notice them, when someone wants to guide us. Consider that this is someone from Spirit connecting with you. Think about them and ask them what their message is. Listen carefully, think about the answer your receive and how it is delivered. Be open to what you hear. You may be very surprised.


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