a beautiful passing

Called suddenly to our Mam’s hospital bedside one Saturday night, we all feared the worst. As we arrived on the hospital ward our worst fears were confirmed. Our dear and most Beautiful Mam would not be staying with us too much longer. She was in some distress and the Doctor was trying to find out […]

Its been a long time….

It has been quite some time since I updated my blog; perhaps it was writers block, perhaps it was just been to busy with the very act of living that I could not get back on here to connect with everyone…But now I am indeed back..what is changed and what has been happening you may […]

Stop Being a Victim

And so HE was asked the Question:- Q: Guruji, How do I come out of the victim consciousness, especially. when past memories refuse to leave? A: The fact that you have realized this itself means you have come out of it. This is where the karma comes into the picture. Something happened in the past, […]

Celebrating Silence – Blame

I am currently studying and being inspired by some of the wonderful teachings of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and in helping me understand more about their meanings, I am posting them on here, with an explanation of how I am interpreting them. In this first article I was drawn to one on the […]

Count Marco Emporium Opens USA Branch

I am delighted to announce that I have managed to open a US Branch of Count Marco’s Emporium. So that means that our American friends can now follow Count Marco’s personally recommended and endorsed Books, Cards and Gifts. I will be doing some reviews specific to our US audience.