Oranum worth Checking Out.

Naturally I do not expect everyone to have a reading with Count Marco! Especially if you know me privately and personally, so I have been spending sometime checking out other Psychic Services and have found that Oranum certainly seem to be getting some incredible feedback. They do Live readings so you can actually see who […]

Count Marco App V1.0

I am delighted to confirm that the Brand New Count Marco App V1.0 has now been launched and is ready for download immediately! This will keep you in constant contact with Count Marco and feature any offers that are available. Today’s offer is 50% off any personal reading! All you need to do is submit […]

The Calendar within the Deck of Playing Cards

After reading Ana Cortez’s amazing book entitled Playing Cards Oracle I have decided to summarise her comments on the relationship between our Calendar and The Deck of Playing Cards. I have also added a diagram that I wrote out to give an illustration of this wonderful relationship. I very much agree with her hypothesis that […]

Playing Card – 12th May

Todays Card is the 2 of Clubs ♣   This card shows that they will be in the very near future head on clashes and opposition regarding finance, wealth and its distribution. Discussions with partners and finance people seem to offer no real solutions. However you need to keep making effort to restore stability and […]

Playing Card – 10th May

Today’s Card is the Ace of Hearts ♥ The Ace of Hearts is undoubtedly one of my favourite cards. It is a card packed with a lot of hope and opportunity. It will associate with either your existing circumstance of forewarns of a new situation arising in the area of love and intimate relationships. Ace […]