Numerology Reading of Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan As a Master of Cartomancy I have always been engrossed in the strong power of divination by the power of playing cards. However, currently I have been studying the remarkable power of numerology. I have decided to take a closer look into its very power and force. I have been specifically fascinated with […]

Grief and HeartBreak

In my work as a Master of Cartomancy; many times I am discussing the subject that we all experience in our lives from time to time. It is in fact a part of our lives that we cannot avoid. Breakups, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, career or business can make life feel […]

Endings Can Be Good.

As we say finally goodbye to 2011 I thought it appropriate to write a few words on what this ending means. I consulted and studied my cards and found myself very drawn to an old pack of Tarot Cards, in particularly the Judgement Card. There are times in our lives when we must accept inevitable […]

Your Own Birth Card

Determined by the month and day you were born, this card represents your soul’s expression.This card’s influence manifests as your distinguished signature to be expressed in the world. We embody the essence of this card as an expression of self, and identify with it deeply. Our lessons are embodied in this card. If anyone would […]

Messages from Irish Ancestors.

Irish Story A wonderful story that I have been personally involved in proved to me that yet again Miracles do happen. A client of mine called me to explain that she kept seeing her old relatives, long passed over, in her dreams. She has no contact now from where they originated in Ireland. However the […]