Psychic in Denial – The Reluctant Messenger and Guide

notpsychic2I spoke to a fellow psychic some months ago and after some deep discussion we entered a debate together. She claimed not to be a gifted reader at all. She claims to hate every area of Spirituality; the people, the potions, the artwork, the ceremonies, the cards, totally everything. Privately she laughs about the whole thing, mocking everything in connection with anyone having any psychic abilities, dismissing it as total nonsense. claiming she only believes in herself and making money. She just needs money and plenty of it. She delivers many, many readings with great success. She advises and counsels people each day. She helps people on and on, with matters of Love and Relationships, money, career and life paths. She gives great comfort to many people. She told me that she is just telling people what she is thinking, on there given situation; however the information she provides she claims she only reads what she sees. Surely she would have no need to point this out, if she was only telling people what they want to hear?

She denies having any spiritual connection in any way – she totally rejects the notion of anyone having any ability to connect to something we define as Spiritual. As far as she is concerned she is cold reading – nothing more – nothing less to it. But much as she feels that she does not want to do any of it, she admits its the only thing that seems to produce good results.

No Psychic Ability?
No Psychic Ability?

So the question is, is she really just clever with her words and satisfying hers clients needs or is she actually really connecting with Spirit? I think that as readers we are called to “Service” so to speak, to do work that we have always been destined to do. Much as my fellow psychic denies it; I reiterate that it is my belief that she was always fated to give Service in this way, not just for her many satisfied clients but also as part of her own growth and development.

I believe even in this situation she has to show compassion and sensitivity. She is having to listen and guide. She is indeed giving a level of “Service” If she indeed did tell all her clients she was “making it up” they would flee. So she never does that. It is my belief that she is connecting regardless of what she believes. What she calls “Cold Reading” is actually her connecting with something higher. She thinks her information just comes in from her own mind, which I agree does – but I suggest that she is picking up all information from a higher source. I suggest she is actually connecting to something so much higher and Divine. She justifies doing all this work through the need to earn money and her ability to “Cold Read.” I personally think she is quite simply in denial, literally in the closet, so to speak. Deny as she does I am convinced she is picking up vibrations and information. In truth neither her clients or Spirit care how she defines it, providing that she continues to deliver the messages she is supposed to from whoever connects with her. And Connect with her clients she does; keeping the connection open to them long after the reading, encouraging them and guiding them. She claims of course this is best practice which it is in terms of business, but I also believe there are higher forces at work; allowing her to do the very work of Service, that she always was intended to do. She now helps change, alter and effect other people’s lives in a most positive way, hour by hour, day by day. I also believe in helping others, she helps heal herself.

On a final note powerful as her readings are and her guidance so very good, should the day come she ever truly believes and accepts the path she has been given, she will indeed not just deliver even stronger and more powerful messages, but she will find a new level of inner peace and harmony within herself. Because at that moment she truly becomes everything she was every supposed to be.

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