Psychic Text Messages

questions2I am currently carrying out some research and testing online psychic text services. This is when you can sms text a psychic any question and within a few seconds get a reply.
I have been sending the same text messages to various online psychic sms text services and intend to study the results.project52-textmessage-pretty-17321508-o









I am also interested in hearing from any of you that have used such a service. Some companies seem very tuned in and have dedicated professional psychics would do seem to send an informative answers. Others seem quite disconnected and I am imaging that the people typing these replies are not perhaps so well connected. One good thing is you quickly can identify if they have any skills and if they are connecting to you. I will report back more findings as they come through, but feel free to let me know of your own experiences when using a psychic via text service.


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