Strictly Supernatural – Some Tarot History

In this post I bring to your attention a really interesting documentary narrated by Christopher Lee, it delivers some insight and background to the Tarot Cards. It discusses their origins and asks the question how can these cards tell of secrets of the future. What of these readers of the Tarot; how do they actually read them? This is an in-depth study into Tarot reading. Personally I love the historical aspect of the Tarot, so that is why I found the documentary so informative. Selection of tarot cards from traditional Marseille packThe documentary also looks at the subject of astrology and how a natal chart is cast. In it we discover that the likes of Reagan, Hilter and JFK all used these charts to obtain astrological knowledge.

In the part dedicated to Tarot it details the Major Arcana, but not much of the minor cards. Other experts are brought in with some good interviews with not just experts of the cards and astrology but also from critics; professors in philosophy, astronomers. From the US we have Stuart Caplan who introduced Tarot into the US. We are also shown the links between Tarot, Astrology and Kabbalah.

Tarot section covers the 22 card Major Arcana but doesn’t mention much of swords, cups, wands or pentacles or their relationship to present day playing cards. Interesting interviews with practitioners of these arts as well as balanced comments from critics such as parapsychologists, astronomers and professors of logic and philosophy. Stuart Caplan, credited with the commercial introduction of Tarot cards into the US, is also interviewed and mention is made of the links between Tarot, Kabbalah and Astrology. Here is the documentary for you to enjoy.






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