Tarot Review:- The Gilded Tarot

This is a full review of the artistic and wonderful works of Ciro Marchetti & Barbara Moore. The particular work of art that I am reviewing today is the Wonderful Gilded Tarot. A superb work of art! A boxset that includes a set of 78 Tarot Cards with a paperback book. Heralding archetypal elements of traditional Tarot, The Gilded Tarot is teeming with shimmering, classic imagery. High priestesses in flowing robes, wise emperors, knights on majestic steeds, mystics wielding magical tools, and other intriguing characters from medieval times abound in the Major and Minor Arcana. This richly coloured, easy-to-use deck also features standard symbols for the card suits swords, cups, wands, and pentacles which provide universal appeal.
This is a MUST purchase for all collectors and also makes a invaluable gift.
Click the image below to enter the gallery which gives you a true idea of this wonderful set of Tarot Cards:-
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The Gilded Tarot (Boxset includes 78 card Tarot deck)

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