The Weird and Strange “Unfavorable Semicircle”

semiI wanted to discuss and bring attention to the very weird, strange but equally fascinating video clips from Unfavorable Semicircle.

On March 30, 2015, username “unfavorable semicircle” uploaded a four-second video onto YouTube that stirred up a lot of mystery online and garnered a lot of attention. The video was a short clip with no audio and only static brown spots with a blurry hole. 72,000 similar short and eerie videos have been uploaded ever since. All of these videos are often silent with some containing faint mysterious clues including abstract images, distorted voices, and unusual sounds.

The channel gained popularity after one of its videos was posted on Reddit. But the channel has been terminated by YouTube as of February 25, 2016. Unfavorable Semicircle has also popped up on Twitter where thousands of similar videos were uploaded.

By March the channel has surpassed 200,000 total videos, uploading almost three videos each minute. Each video has a mysterious voice encoded in the background. This voice is that of a man speaking either a single letter or number with no connection in between the videos. The voice has a disquieting effect on the videos and adds to this weird YouTube curiosity.

Most of these videos are only 5 seconds long but some of them are different. One is a 10-second high pitched squeal and another contains blurry images along with random digital audio. Another unsettling video is 11 hours of silence. Many followers are trying to get to the bottom of this online mystery by trying to decrypt the videos using a Key. One video was compared to a distinct, echoed scream.Cartomancyad1

There have been many theories as to the origin of these videos. Some believe it is a game used to recruit agents for a supercomputer trying to take over the world, whereas others claim the channel is just a test for either YouTube or another user or an online numbers station. Many Reddit users urge Unfavorable Semicircle followers to demand an answer from YouTube but they fear that the channel will be shut down and that the mystery will live on.

A few views also discuss how these videos cause fear and anxiety while watching them adding to the list of conspiracy theories but this time that infra-sound or sound lower than 20 Hz can induce a sense of fear or even depression and affect the subconscious of people. Whatever the story is behind this strange and even disturbing videos, one this is for sure that watching these videos will make you turn around to make sure a croaking long haired girl isn’t standing behind you ready to drag you away.

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