Whats in a Number?

Recently I have been absolutely fascinated by the subject of numbers. I have been studying and reading all about the amazing power of numbers. My studies have confirmed that there is certainly something in it. From your date of birth, to the significance of your own name in numeric terms, right through to important dates, weddings etc. the numbers certainly seem to add up. The main thing to understand is that your name is not an accident, you in fact chose this name to give you the very vibrations that you needed throughout your life on planet earth. Just as the date of birth that YOU chose. As an example of this I am happy to give anyone an online reading on this very blog about what their name or date of birth means in numeric terms. All you need to do is add to this post and I will add to the thread with a brief outline regarding either your full name or your date of birth. I hope that you will find it fun and interesting. I look forward to hearing from you!
Blessings  † Count Marco † 

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